“Self-entitlement & Personal Interests By Church Leaders Is Misleading People”

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It’s time to repent for a spirit of entitlement that is destroying our testimony.

In a self-centred, narcissistic world, one can only presume entitlement would be in the mix, as well.

This attitude is doing great harm to our testimony as Christians in addition to creating a proud, lazy people who expect to be served instead of to serve.

Author and leader of the Baptism of Fire International Ministries church Apostle Munashe Chikaka say self-entitlement by most prophets in Zimbabwe has misled people, adding that the quest miracles have led people to follow wrong doctrines by self-ordained men of the cloth who are after their hard-earned cash.

“People must be led to Christ more than they are led by people. They must believe in God and they shall be established and if they believe in prophets they shall prosper. The first step is to believe in God, prophets are there to establish people in God,” he said.

The man of God reiterated that people should not bypass protocol saying God comes first in everything.

False prophets always take advantage of ignorance and many people perish not because of the devil but they perish because of their lack of knowledge of the work of God.

“A true prophet is someone who leads people and teach them the correct principles of the word of God, and God cannot reveal to the prophets about personal issues of people without revealing to them his word,” he said.

Apostle Chikaka said most men of God are only good at foretelling but stammer when it comes to the word of God.

“Even in the Old Testament the bible was written through the prophets and the apostles, all the Old Testament scriptures were written by the prophets but now we don’t have anything to write about God from the prophets but we have many things to write about individuals’ lives”.

He accused prophets who prey on desperate individuals as more concerned about their personal lives and personal gains with some making headlines in the media through false predictions.

He adds that these type, are now after popularity more than serving God, fulfilling their personal interests than that of God.

This, he said was misleading a lot of Christians as the gospel is now centralized on one person instead of God.

Apostle Chikaka urged people to seek the word of God more than anything.

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