Video & Body Language Expert’s Analysis Of Prophet Magaya’s Fresh Rape Accusations

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Last week an ex-Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries couple tearfully accused Prophet Walter Magaya of sexually abusing and impregnating their 17-year-old girl whom he had allegedly “adopted” as his child sometime in 2013.

The move raised calls for the controversial church leader’s arrest.

The couple  – Godfrey and Molly Maenzanise – said they quit Magaya’s church to form their own after finally learning of the alleged sex attacks on their daughter.

Just under 48 hours after the allegations were made, the alleged victim Chenai Agatha Maenzanise-Hassan recorded a video with her husband denying that she was raped and asked people not to waste their sympathies on her.

Although PHD spokesperson Admire Mango had initially said he could not comment on the allegations because it was a private matter that had nothing to do with the church, Prophet Magaya, in today’s Hmetro, denied raping Chenai.

In a statement, Magaya said he was a victim of extortion by one Enisia who used to work for him.

“What I know is that I am a victim of extortion and I have decided to stop feeding extorting mouth (sic) because they are ever demanding. Enisia was helping at the IT department before she left to UK (sic) and she was threatening to destroy me through social media if I fail to support her financially,” Magaya said naming a UK based woman he alleges is behind his recent troubles.

The police said they are looking into the allegations.

While the “they-say, she-say, he-say” game continues, a video and legal expert who requested anonymity vented on the issue sharing his observations from the videos.

From The Video & Body Language Expert’s Table

Attentively, I watched both the parents and the daughter and son-in-law videos, pertaining to Walter Magaya saga.

First, the parents are very believable, authentic, in their submissions. With no equivocation, they explicitly stated that Walter Magaya raped their daughter. Their emotional submission was occasionally punctuated with tears. Those were not crocodile tears.

Second, I saw the daughter and the son-in-law giving their rebuttal. I should admit, their testimony was not believable. It looked staged to me. The daughter stated that she was never “raped“ by Walter Magaya.

The facts we know so far are:

1) Walter Magaya slept with the applicant who at that time was 17 years old.

2) She became pregnant and gave birth

3) Walter settled to pay maintenance

4) Walter defaulted on his maintenance payments

Given this reality, we have two issues to address. Let’s think critically and be objective. Legal culpability and Moral culpability.

Statutorily, at the time it happened, it was not statutory rape because the legal age in Zimbabwe was 16 years old. So the issue here is; did Walter use duress to have sex with the first applicant? The legal challenge the parents have is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that in spite of the fact that their daughter is saying otherwise; she was raped. For the purpose of this discussion, let’s say Walter gets acquitted. Consequently, declared innocent. Legally, he will be exonerated.

Be that as it may, the above can be legally permissible but not morally permissible. Walter Magaya was married when he impregnated the young girl. Clearly, he committed adultery; he fornicated. Walter is morally culpable for his infidelity. This is not the first time he has committed infidelity. There is primary residue, in the form of a video, when he was at the police station. He clearly said, “I had an affair“.

A man of the cloth, an “ Oracle of God” as his followers address him, does not behave recklessly like this. Clearly, Walter is a conman. A false “prophet“!

At a minimum, Walter used undue influence and at a maximum he used duress.

Despite all this evidence, his congregants blindly defend him. In fact, they will conveniently flash the “Thou shalt not touch the anointed“ card on you, if you give them all this reality.

Such nincompoopery and tomfoolery is the highest level of intellectual laziness.

Walter is a conman. Period!

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