Alleged Rape Victim Speaks Out, Denies Parents’ Claims That Prophet Magaya Raped Her

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There is no doubt that we have entered a new age of bewilderment in which it is harder than ever before to decide where the truth lies.

Before the explosion of social media, the world seemed an altogether simpler place, with information reaching us via a relatively small number of seemingly trustworthy sources. The rise of social media has generated a cacophony of contradictory information, mixed in with fake news on an industrial scale. Despite this, many people actually consider social media to be more credible and honest than mainstream media.

Last week an ex-Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries couple accused Walter Magaya of sexually abusing and impregnating their 17-year old girl whom he had allegedly “adopted” as his child sometime in 2013.

While police are looking into allegations, the alleged victim has risen to Magaya’s defence, saying she was never raped.

The victim, Chenai Agatha Maenzanise‘s parents Godfrey and Molly Maenzanise appeared on the A-List Show hosted by Enisia Mashusha and made sensational claims that the PHD Ministries founder raped and impregnated their innocent teenaged daughter.

The video clip soon went viral on social media, sparking debate on various platforms on the allegations.

The narrative, however, was incomplete as it only had the browned off parents’ voice who by the way were informed of the matter through hearsay. Prophet Magaya and the victim were completely left out, a case that raised doubt.

Hardly 48 hours after the rape allegations were publicly made, their daughter Chenai recorded a video with her husband and give the brush-off to the claims her parents have made in the heart-wrenching video.

Said she:

“This has been fun, I guess, this has been fun. I don’t even know where to start. Firstly I would like to clear the air. I was not raped. If I was, I would have commented on this, I would have mentioned something, but you’ve seen that we’ve been quiet. We have not responded to any of the news. We have not responded to anything that has been said.

So this just has to stop. You are not helping anyone. All you are doing is destroying lives. It’s been what? Two months since our wedding and we were happy. It’s a bit of a hiccup. Whoever came up with this is using it for their own personal gain.”

Meanwhile, political activist Patson Dzamara says he is organising a demonstration against Walter Magaya.

“We will be marching to Magaya’s church soon. We can’t and won’t allow this nonsense to continue. Who is with me?,” said Dzamara.

Dzamara later posted on Twitter that Magaya had sent people to threaten the family of the alleged victim.

“I have made contact with the parents of the lady who was sexually abused by Magaya. It is disturbing to learn that Magaya has unleashed people to harass their family and they have gone into hiding. We can’t keep silent Zimbabweans. This madness must be stopped. Makandiwa leads a big congregation just like Magaya but I’ve never heard any allegation of sexual abuse against him? This should be the 4th time for Magaya. There is a big issue here and Magaya must be thoroughly investigated. He must not be allowed to continue abusing women.”

Prophet Magaya has since denied raping one of his church members following allegations made by the alleged victim’s mother. In a statement, he said he was a victim of extortion by one Enisia.

“What I know is that I am a victim of extortion and I have decided to stop feeding extorting mouth (sic) because they are ever demanding. Enisia was helping at the IT department before she left to UK (sic) and she was threatening to destroy me through social media if I fail to support her financially,” Magaya said naming a UK based woman he alleges is behind his recent troubles.

Watch the video below as Chenai makes a statement:

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