Prophet Makandiwa Burnt My Car & Stole My Phone, Claims Apostle Chiwenga

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Jesus Revelation Ministries (JRM) leader Apostle Talent Farai Chiwenga has accused mega churches Prophets Emmanuel Makandiwa and Walter Magaya of sending thugs to interrupt his church services and trying to stop him from speaking against what he terms their heretical and self-seeking doctrines.

Speaking to his street audience at Mugomba open theatre at the corner of First Street and Speke Avenue, the controversial preacher further inculpated Prophet Makandiwa of sending hooligans to burn his car and steal his phone.

“Makandiwa burnt my car. I want it back now. To you, he’s a prophet, but to me, he’s a terrorist because he burnt my car. He also sent people who stole my phone in Marondera. They threw stones at us and beat us. Does a man of God do such things? There is no man of God who screams to hurt a fellow man of God,” said Apostle Chiwenga.

The JRM leader recalled that at one time he summoned Prophet Makandiwa to a doctrinal fight, which he never showed up for.

“I challenged Makandiwa sometime ago that if he claims that God sent him, he should come here (Pagomba) and we have a doctrinal fight which brings out the sword of the Spirit. Manu (Emmanuel) knows that he doesn’t master the Bible very well, thus he’s now hiring thugs and hooligans who come armoured with catapults, sticks and knives.”

The controversial cleric has at many times through scripture and other evidence said to his audience that if you’re a member of a mega-church (especially PHD, UFIC & Jabula), chances are you are a part of something that’s more business than ministry, as the church leaders run their Churches like CEOs.

Apostle Chiwenga has registered himself an adamant and unfazed pastor who speaks on anything that he or his divinity feel needs to be addressed.

From speaking against power and the perennial shortcomings of its incapacity to exposing the hypocrisy and heresy among his swain clerics, the tricenarian’s sermons have singled him out as a white-hot epicentre of not simply derision, but blistering, nonstop criticism.

Reciprocally, he has been held on to a first-place ranking among the clerics who issues controversial political sermons, thanks in large part, to his incisive commentary on President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his administration’s ineptitude and alleged human rights violations.

But, his high profile, radical approach to Christianity and government criticism has not only created him enemies within the church alone but has also gone to attract too much attention for his own comfort, specifically from people he suspects to members of the state intelligence.

Sometime last year, Apostle Chiwenga pleaded with his cousin brother Vice President Chiwenga to leave his family out of their dispute in a live video broadcast, after claims that military officers seized him after he ran into the VP’s heavily armed entourage at a relative’s rural homestead. The two kins fell out after the 33-year-old preacher said that Mr Chiwenga was unfit to lead Zimbabwe.

Since then, Apostle Chiwenga has claimed that he is being “followed” by intelligence officers because of his criticism of the sitting government for leading the country into the economic dungeon it is in.

In the sermon in which he alleges that Prophet Makandiwa is on for his life, the apostle Chiwenga further added that he will be visiting President Emmerson Mnangagwa to confront him over the intelligence officers following him everywhere he goes.

He said that he had visited the President’s office before with a message that God had given him a few months ago.

The JRM minister also censured Reverent Trymore Muparinga for allegedly claiming that he mentored Chiwenga to preach.

“Muparinga does not speak the true gospel. He’s a motivational speaker who has one good gift: to make people laugh. Because of that comical ability, people have been duped into believing that he’s a minister of Christ. No! He’s not,” said Chiwenga.

Watch the video below:

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