Beaten & Fined For Making Noise During Prayer!

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A group of people hugely suspected to be cadres of the ruling political party in Zambia – Patriotic Front (PF) – beat up a couple in Lusaka after they defied a warning to stop making noise when praying, it has been revealed.

According to an eye witness identified as Bwalya Mutale, the couple had a week ago been warned by cadres to stop making noise when praying, reports The Church Newspaper.

This was after neighbours complained to the carders that the couple were in the habit of praying too loud early in the morning and at night.

“So, it’s like this family never stopped making noise early in the morning. So, the carders were called again to intervene. When they came… they beat up both the husband and wife. The husband even bled. After beating them, they were even made to pay K20 …I don’t know what that K20 was for,” Mutale narrated.

The Church Newspaper failed to talk to the victims as both were reportedly out of their residency by press time. But a source at Plain View police station which is the nearest to Garden House Sau maplot stated that the assault case had not been reported there.

Garden House Sau is situated along Mumbwa road, opposite Chisomo Hospital and near Chabota School. The place has no police post, clinic or government school.

With the nearest police post— Plane View police station being slightly over 7 kilometres away, PF carders and their chairman are largely ‘in charge’ of the compound.

Churches and places of worship have been fingered in many cases of noise pollution lately.

Traditionally, houses of worship were exempt from much of the cities’ noise code. Complaints, unhappy neighbours, lawsuits, legal fees, citations for nuisance issues, and a lack of peace of mind…these are not things that were typically associated with churches.

Withal, it appears the narrative is changing with the rise of mega-churches with concert-like bands and charismatic evangelical preachers sermonising from the top of their voices.

Various news reports have pointed out that Church noise, like many other types of outdoor noise pollution, is increasingly becoming a public nuisance for people living close to churches and other religious places of worship.

Cities and villages in urban areas especially are seeing a rise in church noise and nuisance law complaints that they say are in violation of the noise ordinances often referred to as nuisance laws.

These days, churches are trying to do bigger and better things to attract and keep members. Many have scaled up the music experience for churchgoers by forming full-fledged church bands and orchestras that practice regularly at the church.

They use loud musical instruments such as drums, organs, pianos, electronic keyboards, guitars, electric guitars, drums, or other accompaniments that are heightened with electric amplifiers and loudspeakers.

“Churches want to make it loud, so more people will hear them,” said Arline L. Bronzaft, an author of “Why Noise Matters: A Worldwide Perspective on the Problems, Policies and Solutions”.

Against this background, a religious racket is disturbing the peace as a balance is sought between a right to worship and the Sunday sleep in.

Neighbours to places of worship of any religion- churches, temples and mosques – are speaking out about their frustration at early morning and late-night disturbances.

In August 2018, the Harare City Council issued that it would revoke licences for churches making noise.

Additionally, the city councils said it will require them to soundproof their buildings before moving on site.

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