#DailyDevotion: Resting in the Lord

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This portion of scripture speaks of a time when Herod got a hold of Peter and threw him into prison, making sure that he would not escape, by putting four soldiers to guard him.

When you find rest in the Lord, you will never flinch at anything, no matter how severe the situation may be. Peter was thrown into prison and there was no prison break that he could pull off unless by the supernatural. In the midst of all that was going on, he didn’t panic, instead, he was at peace in that prison cell, so much that he fell into a deep sleep and an angel had to strike him, for him to wake up. This just shows how much at peace he was because he knew that God would deliver him. Is this not just like the time Jesus slept through a dreadful storm?

Therefore it is my prayer for you this morning, that you may find rest in the Lord that your faith may be strengthened in Him and never waver to anything no matter what!

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