#DailyDevotion: Charity begins at home

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The verse above is telling us that we need to love deeply and to show hospitality towards one another. How many of you are genuinely happy when told visitors are coming over or when you hear your doorbell ring and you see it’s that cousin with five kids who have come to visit with you again? Do you complain, grumble and really make them feel that they are not welcome, or do you welcome them with love and warmth into your home?

Yes, you may say it’s not easy to accommodate people into your home nowadays because of the economy, but when God gave us the above mandate, He had all things in mind. A smile will cost you nothing. A genuine smile can certainly change the way a person is feeling even when they are angry. Being loving and hospitable is the Christ-like the thing to do which we Christians ought to do by nature. When Christ is asked where he stayed, he answered, ‘Come and see…”

Therefore it is my prayer for you this morning, that God gives you the grace to walk in the fullness of His heart-culture of love and to be hospitable to all men, even as the Spirit empowers you!

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