#DailyDevotion: Prophetic Word For You

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I can almost assure you that every time a believer opens up their mouth to speak on Thomas, it is to remember him in his “office” as “Doubting Thomas.” If we were to hear of Apostle Thomas, it would take a few seconds for us to put it together and realize that this is indeed the same man that was an Apostle and Disciple of Christ. Peter denied Jesus, yet we speak of his shadow healing the sick. One time he actually walked on water, and taking his eyes off Jesus, he began to sink; yet we speak of him as the great Apostle that declared to the lame man, “silver and gold I have none, but such as I have I give thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.”

So often when we emphasize the negative connotations of a man’s act, it becomes easy to miss the original intent. Peter was rebuked by Jesus, to the degree that he realized the devil was speaking through Peter; and even there, the Church has managed to acknowledge that Peter’s original intention was pure. He did not want to see Christ die, though this was the will of God. Thomas ultimately saw Christ, the risen, and touched his wounds, after declaring that he would not believe unless he sees and touch Jesus. Beloved, there is a level of encounter that is reserved to them that refuse to be satisfied with the testimony of another. The disciples wanted him to believe what they had seen. He refused to believe of the testimony of another but was hungry for his own. It is good that a man believes without seeing, so Thomas would’ve done well to believe: But there is a level of hunger in the spirit realm, where you can no longer be satisfied with the testimony of your neighbor. You know God healed the little boy next door but your belief refuses to be whole until God touches your little boy…

It is, therefore, my prayer, as I stand in the Apostolic Prophetic commission, may God give you the grace to hunger for your own. You have seen and rejoiced over the testimony of your neighbor but God is stirring up a “Me Too” anointing in somebody this morning, and if the word is yours, let heaven hear you declare, “Me Too!”

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