#DailyDevotion: Jesus The Prince Of Peace

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Throughout the Bible, Jesus is known as the Prince of Peace. He brought peace wherever he found himself. At the wedding in Cana, there was commotion because the wine had finished but because of his presence he made wine available and the guests were happy.
When the little girl died in Mark 5, there was a great tumult at the house but when Jesus arrived, he brought peace to that house by bringing the girl back to life.

In the verse above Jesus rebuked the wind and spoke peace over it and the wind ceased.
Whatever situation you’re facing right now whether it’s sickness, financial, marital or parental, speak the name of Jesus; the Prince of peace into that situation! You have the authority and the power to tell that situation to be still. Just as the wind listened to Jesus, your situation will also listen at the mention of his name.

It is, therefore, my prayer for you this morning, that God would empower you to walk in the authority He gave you, that as you command peace in every situation you are facing, that every negative thing will bow down to the name of Jesus.

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