#DailyDevotion: Vow Updates, The House of the Lord

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  “Know ye not that you are the Temple of the Holy Spirit?”  1 Corinthians 1

The Bible poses a question ‘ do you not know that you are the temple of the Lord.’ The temple of the Lord refers to the House of the Lord. This question is significant because there is a specific way in which the temple was built and functioned in the old testament. The bible gives verse upon verse on how the temple was to be built, the material to be used, its dimensions and its purpose.

This means that since you have become the new testament temple, you should also have a specific design and function. Your life should not be haphazard. There is a specific way in which God wants you to operate. If He gave so much information on how a building (old testament temple) should be built, what more your own life (the new testament temple)? Nothing was spared to build Solomon’s temple, the finest gold and minerals were used, and so God has spared nothing in building you.

It is Therefore my prayer for you this morning, may you be filled with the active revelation that you are the House of the Lord, greater than any building

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