Ivy Kombo Breaks Silence: I Am Answerable Only To God

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Appearing on Acie Lumumba’s #TLFDrive show last Sunday, gospel musician of yesteryear Ivy Kombo who recently returned to Zimbabwe after more than a decade in the United Kingdom said she is only answerable to God and not to a mere man of flesh.

The quadragenarian songbird has since the early 2000s attacked by many who accuse her of adultery and going against accepted Christian norms after she got married to Pastor Admire Kasi, her foster father.

In the interview, Kombo-Kasi who claimed she was now an advocate with a Master’s Degree in law, told Lumumba that only God could judge her.

Responding to Lumumba’s question whether the church was supportive during which time she went through a traumatising phase in her life as a young woman or if it actually exposed her to a fault, Kombo responded:

“The church itself was really supportive in getting people praying and getting people supporting me all the way. The thing is the Bible says you’re holy before God, as you’re.

Because God is love, you need to love one another. It does not say you need to be loved, but you need to love one another. So, I’ve seen the love from Church. I’ve seen people who would say, “Oh! We’re praying for you,” “Oh! We love you.” And I would say that, that very thing has made me to come back and say, “I’m coming back to my fans and I’m coming back to do something. It’s the love.”

After Lumumba probed more into her personal life details, Kombo stated she doesn’t feel like she owes anyone any explanation about her private life.

“The one who has created me is the one who can question me.”

Elsewhere, the Nguva Yakwana singer gushed about her love for her husband who returned with her last week and indicated that the couple has since left ZAOGA FIF and started their own ministry, Upper View Ministries.

The church has a parish in Harare at 39 Baines Avenues.

She, however, said she still regards ZAOGA FIF founder Archbishop Ezekiel Guti as her father.

Before she moved to Luton, England, Ivy had become an idol for aspiring female gospel singers. She relocated to the UK in 2006 and only returned home once in 2007.

Now she is back in the country to set the ground for return of Nguva Yakwana gospel concert.

Kombo arrived in the country last Friday with her controversial husband Pastor Admire Kasi.

“We are back home to organise a big function that will remind people of the good old days. Nguva Yakwana was a popular brand and we need to bring it back. We are working on the groundwork to bring back the festival,” Kombo told the Herald.

Kasi said they want to bring back the festival in November.

Nguva Yakwana was popular for bringing together local and South African musicians.

“People have been asking for the return of the festival for a long time and this is the time to bring it back. We are happy with the response that we have so far. Many musicians are willing to be part of the festival and we assure you that it will be an interesting list.”

Kombo said she is happy to be back home ultimately.

“This is my first visit to Zimbabwe since 2007. I have been studying in the UK, and I now have a master’s degree in law. My tight schedule limited time for music, but everything is now in place for my upcoming project.

“I am working on a new album, and people will have a taste of the new release at Nguva Yakwana concert. It will be a grand return of a great concert. Many artists will be part of Nguva Yakwana in November,” said the gospel diva.

You can watch Ivy Kombo’s #TLFDrive Interview below

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