Apostle Chiwenga Compares President Mnangagwa’s Compassion To Idai Victims To That Of Former Pres Mugabe

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Jesus Revelation Ministries founder Apostle Talent Farai Chiwenga has always registered himself an adamant and unfazed man of God who virtually speaks on anything that he or his divinity feel needs to be addressed.

From speaking against power and the perennial shortcomings of its incapacity to exposing the hypocrisy and heresy among his swain clerics, the tricenarian’s sermons have singled him out as a white-hot epicentre of not simply derision, but blistering, nonstop criticism.

However, he has also acquired a great admiration from his followers who dubs him the most radical Christian apologist of the 21st Century.

After several months of what appeared like a hiatus from conflictual homilies, the prominent preacher is back in the glare of publicity again.

Preaching to his Harare parish in one of his live-streamed church services, apostle Chiwenga who is a cousin to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, accused the sitting President Emmerson Mnangagwa of failing to provide responsible and sensitive leadership during the devastating tropical Cyclone Idai tragedy that struck Manicaland in the past weeks.

The steamed up man of the cloth said President Mnangagwa is an emotionless person who failed to genuinely convey his sympathy and solidarity speech to console the victims and the nation at large, unlike the ousted President Robert Mugabe.

Said Chiwenga:

“In an event where people die with tragedies such as this flood (cyclone Idai), Mr Mugabe could not express his commiseration in written speeches. He conveyed it through a word of mouth, driving home that the tragedy deeply affected him.

Our current President; he has got to have somebody writing a speech for him. For him to tell them that he’s deeply affected by what happened in Chimanimani, he can’t say it with his own mouth, without a written speech. That’s how our situation is degenerating into chaos.”

The cleric nevertheless acknowledged that even if the commiserations were feigned, that a man of his magnitude could express it in person meant a lot to citizens.

“Mr Mugabe could get lost, but at least he could speak out, “We’re deeply saddened,”” said Apostle Chiwenga, mimicking the nonagenarian leader.

“He could speak, even if he was lying, people could concur with him. The current one (Pres Mnangagwa) cannot even lie.”

The clergyman further said President Mnangagwa has failed the country by not setting up a disaster relief fund for any eventuality.

You can watch the video clip below:

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