#DailyDevotion: Wordsmith

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You shall have whatsoever you speak. Man lives in a reality that is created by words: Someone is having trouble digesting that as they grew up without anything, poverty predating their first utterance, and was raised in difficult circumstances.

Whether your own or someone else’s, the fact remains; that we live in a created reality, and by words, it is created. As believers, it is vital that we learn how to speak and primarily how to condition our hearts to speak by default, what is otherwise done by intention.

The Bible declares, “For out of the abundance of a man’s heart, the mouth speaks.” It is the Word of God that plants in us, seeds of a conqueror’s speech…

A man cannot live above the level of his confession. Whether he says he can or he cannot, either way, he tells a truth. The anchor scripture says “A man shall EAT GOOD by the fruit of his mouth…” Not by toiling…The secret is in the fruit of his mouth…

God has always had a nature of placing solutions in the heart of the problem. This is why you may be reading this devotional from a 3rd world country right now. The same instrument by which he eats, when hungry, is the same instrument by which the food, and not only food but GOOD food is availed…

I, therefore, declare as I stand in Apostolic commission, may the Lord fill you with His word, that you would be equipt to speak in every situation around you!

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