Pastor Tom Deuschle: Zimbabwe Is In A Very Critical Space Right Now

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Founder of Celebration Churches International in Zimbabwe Pastor Tom Deuschle issued #ThisWeek’s prophecy in which he spoke about the current space that Zimbabwe is as a country and what God has in plan for believers.

We publish the full text below:

Our nation is in a very critical space right now. I believe that if we listen to what God has to say—if we listen to the word of God—there are answers, but it requires a great degree of humility to allow God to intervene in our lives.

Recently the Lord spoke to me that He’s revealing another perspective on situations and circumstances—right now—that is going to bring freedom, joy, and healing. The Lord showed me that the enemy is attempting to keep many of God’s people locked into one perspective, and it is a perspective that is not bringing life. It is not bringing joy.

It is not bringing freedom or healing, but is ushering in heaviness and discouragement. In the midst of this one perspective, the Lord has been speaking and bringing truth and revelation, but there is still a wrestle for many because they have not [yet] met the moment where everything makes sense. Now, I understand what is going on (what God is doing).

The Lord showed me specifically that the enemy is attempting to keep certain pieces of the puzzle hidden, and that he’s attempting to cause confusion in the transition to keep God’s people from thriving.

The Lord spoke to me, that in the revealing of another perspective, from the revealing of his perspective—and another way of seeing things; and the missing pieces being revealed that there is such a breaker being stepped-up into by God’s people that is restoring freedom, and joy, and passion, and vision like never before.

In the “stepping into the revelation” of another perspective, and “the missing pieces being revealed,” there is a level of breakthrough [resulting in] thriving, blossoming, flying, and arising happening on unprecedented scales.

The enemy is working so hard to keep many of God’s people locked into this one perspective because in doing so he can hinder or delay the thriving and blossoming that has been decreed by the Lord over His people. But what the enemy is attempting is failing as God’s people continue to lean into the Lord, to see Him from all Heavenly perspectives.

The enemy has been working intentionally to keep vision clouded from these missing pieces because they are the places of revelation that are bringing the “breaker.”

I hear the Lord decreeing,

“Inquire of me the new perspective and the missing pieces to be revealed. Be intentional in your inquiring, for in inquiring you shall acquire that which I have for you. Do not be locked into one perspective, but enter into the higher perspective through your surrender which will bring healing, unprecedented joy, freedom, and breakthrough. The revelation of another perspective is your trajectory; to increase greater fruitfulness and empowerment as you ride on the winds of my spirit and vision.”


| 1: to ask for: put a question: seek for information • in·​quire

| 2: to make investigation or inquiry —to ask about

• ac·quire

| 1: to get as one’s own: to come into possession or control of • ac·quire

| 2: to come to have as a new : to buy or obtain for one’s self

God wants you to investigate; to INQUIRE so you can ACQUIRE for yourself.

“Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

The Lord is revealing hidden things from His heart that you need to receive for such a time as this, and in order for you to move forward, the Lord is also revealing hidden things (the missing pieces the enemy has tried to hide). This is a moment of significant revelation! That is why the enemy is attacking vision!

So, I encourage you this week to be intentional; to inquire of the Lord and you will acquire the hidden things and the missing pieces, that will usher you forth into a monumental breakthrough. “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter. But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.” – (Proverbs 25:2)

This week is significant, my friends.

Much will be revealed this week, and many of you are going to birth this week what the Lord has placed within you, and you will be birthed into things completely new. Make a decision to be intentional; to stand against this attack of the enemy this week, and inquire of the Lord, and you will acquire in ways you haven’t imagined.

Many of you this week will have those moments of, “Wow, Lord. I never thought of it that way.” or “I never saw it from that perspective…” And that revelation is going to change everything for many of you.

I hear the words, “Change the playing field.” When I asked the Lord what He meant, I heard Him say that what He is releasing and revealing in the “inquiring and acquiring” will change the playing field.

The power of what He is revealing is a game-changer! It will change many of God’s peoples’ position from defence to offence. It will bring forth a stand and a resolve in God’s people that the enemy has been trying to steal. This will be a significant week. A week of significant strategy, and concreting in conviction of what the Lord has spoken over your life for this new era.

And, all other voices attempting to come against this strategy of God will be silenced by the fire of impartation that comes from the revelation of His strategy and perspective to you, this week. You are going to run with greater passion, excitement, and empowerment in His perspective of what He is revealing and decreeing over you; over your new season; now like never before.

Expect things to change this week as you stand strong in your position of inquiring, and seeing from another perspective… Let me tell you something, this is your season. It’s a new perspective; it’s a new day. For those of you that have been double-minded, let’s let God be true! Let’s return and say,

“…God forgive me! Forgive me! I want to obey your commandments. I want your commands in my life. I want to serve you with my whole heart, my whole mind, and all my strength. I’m tired of double-mindedness. I’m tired of compromise. I’m tired of cheating and then expecting you to bless me. I’m tired of repenting and then not really meaning it…”

I think some of you are going to be surprised that God has raised some of you into very very significant places; very powerful places; for such a time as this. The playing field is about to shift, and when it does you need to be bold; you need to speak the truth. Amen.

You can watch the full video of the prophecy below:

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