#DailyDevotion: You’re Worth it (Life Changing Word)

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There is a nature about a man that causes him to respond to a “thank you” with a, “you’re welcome.” The word ‘welcome’ is a word that embraces the beneficiary of the “welcome status,” as one, to whom, grace is being extended. Now I am not saying it is wrong to say you are welcome, and more so when it is sincere. I am just convicted of how the language of God is different.

Salvation and the price that was paid for it is something we are grateful for, and yet scripture concerning how the Lord feels about the price he paid for you and me, does not carry a “you’re welcome” undertone to it; but rather “you’re worth it” connotations. The former suggests that grace has been given to you despite the fact that you do not qualify in any sense, and many err in their understanding of the gospel because they live in the mindset of being welcome before God, for salvation, and yet we are worth it in his eyes.

In all simplicity, some time back, I returned home after coming down from the mountain. No one at home said “welcome” to me. It is now in retrospect that I realise that “welcome” is grace extended to a neighbour, but those of your house are already within the domain or realm of family. We were made in God, and left home, much like the prodigal son, but are simply those of the house of God, returning to the love we once knew, even when we where in him…

Now I don’t know what had got you down, or which area of your life had been causing you to feel undeserving, but the Lord told me to tell you that you’re worth it! It is, therefore, my prayer for you this morning that you would rise up in the revelation of sonship; knowing, as the son that strayed, that you are as much a son, like the one that stayed!

Great things are spoken of you!

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