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One of the things that Christians are unsure about is going to heaven. The question: If you die today, are you going to heaven? It attracts lots of uncertain answers even from seemingly strong Christians.

Why is this so when Jesus came to save us and make a way to get to heaven?

Satan thrives in uncertainty. He loves when we are not too sure about what God said, did for us or promised to do. That is why I decided to start The Artios Show.

Hello and welcome. My name is Pastor Trust Nhokovedzo from Loyalty House International. I have been a serious Christian for over 10 years and have been trained under Bishop Dag Heward Mills who is the founder of Loyalty House International. My dream is to see Christians walking confidently with God.

My new show, The Artios Show, is one of the efforts to teach believers until they have a solid understanding of their faith. The word Artios mean ‘ready because prepared’. Christians have to be prepared to be ready to do good works, to meet God and to fulfill their purpose on earth.

It is ok to follow a prophet, your bishop and your man of God but it is not ok to become dependant on them for your own spirituality. God requires that each one us become a strong believer who understands why they are Christians to start with.

The Artios Show is an effort to equip the saints according to Eph 4: 11-15. The ultimate goal is to make you strong enough to survive deceptions, false doctrines and failure to become what God want you to become.

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