#DailyDevotion: Shadow of Reality

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Beloved, this morning I wish to address a people that have gone through circumstances in their life, and some of you could be currently, where you feel that God’s presence had departed.

The Bible assures us that He will never leave you, nor forsake you. The problem is that man in his Adamic state is so concerned about receiving acknowledgement and honour for is good works, to the degree that most see God in the same light. We seek his voice, and look for a thunderous voice, we seek his face and look intently around us with physical eyes.

When God’s covering is upon a man’s life, he sends the invisible element of himself; his shadow. You may not see him but when there is a shadow hovering over you, you can sense that there is someone or something close by. That lingering presence you feel, God’s shadow, is a testimony that God is with you always.

I challenge you to begin to sharpen your senses, through prayer, fasting, reading the Word, and giving yourself to the things of the spirit. When your inner man is sensitive, you do not fear the physical army that stands before you because of the shadow that covers you.

It is, therefore, my prayer for you today, may the shadow of God become more real to you than your physical situation! He is the Shadow of Reality…

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