#DailyDevotion: The God Of Heart Culture

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We’ve looked a lot on the subject of Heart-culture, as a ministry and spiritual movement. By no means was Jesus a cultural man, but he certainly looked at Heart-culture; fittingly, being his Father’s son.

God found none worthy to be King of all the handsome, strong and otherwise qualified brother’s of David until David himself was brought before Samuel; in whom God found a man after his own HEART.

Church of God, we’ve moved into a time where it’s become increasingly important to align our hearts to the culture of God’s nature. The enemy is not concerned about your finances, marriage, nor your job; though these things may have been fought for far too long, what the Devil wants, is that your Heart culture would shift.

Marriages don’t fail for a lack of money, though a lot of modern marriage seminars would disagree. A lack of money only reveals the true heart-culture of those in a union. Some of my fondest memories with my wife are dancing in the midst of trials, not because we felt like it, but to manufacture the joy that was buried within. Don’t allow Satan to enter your Heart. As the old saying goes,

“If there is no enemy within, then the enemy without can do you no harm.”

God has not moved the most eloquence of our prayers, but rather the heart behind the prayer. It’s the internal, not the external, that affects the eternal. It is, therefore, my prayer for you this morning, in this season of going Back to God, may the Lord create in us clean hearts. I declare this day, that you will know and enjoy the restoration God…

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