#DailyDevotion: The Anointing To Overtake

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It is the lie of the enemy, having crept into the Church, that would cause the believer in Christ to associate godliness with timidity and weakness. The New Creation in Christ is humble but by no means weak. There is no Christian that is needy…We carry the power of the divine within our spirits.

The above passage declares that the violent take the Kingdom by force. Perhaps this is why the Church folks of old that grew up in Church and did all the “right things” seem to be at war with the rising generation of power that has done exploits, by Grace, through Faith in their violent approach to spiritual things.

Gentiles were otherwise not fit to receive the message of the gospel, but with violence, they held a claim of the Word and ran with it. There are some things that you have felt unworthy of and perhaps you have questioned why you have been unable to receive: Your healing, that job, that award… Beloved, the spirit of the new creation being is not that of one to be given, but rather that of one who takes.

David in 1 Samuel 30:8 inquires of God, not whether he is to take from his enemies but OVERTAKE. There is a level beyond taking. Factually you can only take from someone what they have, but this would render them you equal, tied in a race so to speak. But when you go ahead of them you overtake. Dear Saints, there is an anointing to OVERTAKE in this season!

It is, therefore, my prayer for you this morning, may the Lord stir up the spirit in you by which you received the gospel…The aggressive ability to lay claim and take. Whatever the enemy has taken from you, I declare you will pursue and overtake!

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