#Daily Devotion: The Father’s Standard

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Humanity is apt to preside over the trial of God with an iron fist. The gavel comes down quicker than the most eloquent of preacher’s can communicate the gospel.

The things that are used to judge God is the handiwork of another, but I arose this morning to speak of a God that stood a place in my trial and yours and suffered a death that we might live.

Learned men say that God cannot be real because there is suffering in the world… God is a Father unto men, is judged in his Fatherhood by the negative circumstances that his children may face.

If “The Father’s Standard” that is used to measure the “godliness” of God, is used to measure our own godliness, myself for one: I would be labelled an unloving Father. Have you ever paid your Child’s tuition late, not bought groceries on time, and all the other mishaps of life… Did you still love your children?…

My take on Fatherhood this morning, is a desperate cry for those that haven’t been seeing the love of God, because they’ve been looking at it, solely, in their circumstances. Not every situation you find yourself in is credited to God. Identify who got you there, and the Bible declares “rebuke the devil and he will flee from you.”

It is, therefore, my prayer for you this morning, may the pure revelation of the Father’s love and the eternal standard by which He is God, be revealed unto you.

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