Come Off Your High Horse, Church Tells Globetrotting-President Mnangagwa

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Zimbabwe Divine Destiny (ZDD) has admonished President Emmerson Mnangagwa that it is “preposterous and unthinkable” that his government can issue statement warning organisations and independent civil societies of being used by foreign forces to launch protests on the government.

The Bishop Ancelimore Magaya-led consortium of churches said that rather is the country’s deteriorating economy and the government’s attitude and conduct towards its own citizens that fanned the much-publicised extended three-day stay away nationwide.

The stay away, which ran from Monday 14 to Wednesday 16, was called on by Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) and supported by #ThisFlag pastor Evan Mawarire.

In harmony with other concerned and related civil organisations, the authors of the mass protests are calling in the government to address fuel and health sector crisis, currency confusion and valueless salaries, among other fiscal related issues tearing the nation apart.

The post-independent Zimbabwean government, however, has, for many years now, developed a tendency of accusing non-governmental organisations, civic societies and churches that criticises it as mere paraphernalia remote-controlled by the West to overthrow the status quo.

Thus, last Monday, Owen Ncube, the minister of state for national security, said the protests were “well-orchestrated”, given the widespread scenes of looting, burning of tyres and barricades across roads in across the nation.

“The prevailing security situation in the country is a culmination of a well-orchestrated series of events by the MDC Alliance, working in cahoots with NGOs, civic society, youth organisations, pressure groups and individuals,” said Ncube in a statement.

There have been other reports by government officials that indicate that some “subservient” churches were inciting and influencing citizens to unseat the government.

ZDD, whose task is to facilitate the church’ visibility and audibility in matters of governance, in a statement albeit said that the President and his administration, rather need not to look any farther than their conduct and attitude towards their subjects on who is inciting influencing civilians.

We publish the full statement below as we received it:

“It is preposterous and unthinkable that President ED Mnangagwa’s government can issue a statement warning organizations and citizens of being used by foreign forces when the past four months ever since the controversial elections, the economy has taken a serious dip followed by a series of workers’ industrial actions.

From the nurses strike, the rural teachers who walked more than 200 kms to air their grievances and none of you heard their plight, the more than a month long doctors’ strike which you exhibited zero understanding of industrial relations, until the entire civil service including the rest of the teachers have now downed tools.

What about the companies that have raised the red flag over lack of forex to fund their productions.

All the bona fide organizations representing industry who have called on your government to rethink and reconsider your medieval approaches to managing the economy, and you have not listened except to use brute force where brains and not brawn was needed instead.

As if the spiralling inflation due to the absurd ill-informed and warped economic policies was not enough, President Mnangagwa put the final nail onto the coffin by announcing a fuel increase of

about 150% pegged on the black market rate yet his government offered civil servants 10% hike. No one across the economy has had an increase of pay to talk about and you hike fuel.

What cheek! What bad governance, what poor labour relations is that by government supposed to be a product of the liberation struggle? Where are the foreign forces in this?

Anyone, any Zimbabwean in their sane mind will naturally rebel against such bungling acts by government. These are spontaneous demonstrations by a disgruntled citizenry that had hoped, you would do better after deposing your former master.

Just to caution demonstrators and all those disgruntled, that there is no need for violence nor loss of property as this will defeat the just cause. The people ought to know that they can still achieve their goal without resorting to being violent.

As Zimbabwe Divine destiny ZDD we repeat again and again, the church will forever admonish you when you do wrong because you are human and only God is infallible. Progressive and people-centred leadership takes counsel and accepts rebuke.

Only the foolhardy continues on treacherous paths after caution and let it be known that the winds of change that blew your erstwhile master, are not done yet, until truth is sifted from the chaff, never mind you were part of the change.

God enthrones and dethrones kings especially when you don’t heed his warning and continue to oppress and estrange his people.

Do not look far Mr President, for who is fanning this revolt except your conduct and attitude towards your fellow countrymen and women. You cannot continue to live luxury, enjoy holiday’s abroad, and sleep on ivory beds when the masses languish in poverty. God said to Pharaoh, “indeed the cries of my people have reached me” and watch out when the heavens fight on behalf of the weak and oppressed.

We caution your arrogance, your mercenary and predatory conduct where you heap taxes on an already poor citizen and yet spent it on largesse, not developmental projects. Remember your campaign mantra “the voice of the people is the voice of God” No matter how much force you use, an impoverished people whose cause has the heavenly backing is unstoppable.  Psalm 33 says “…a king is not served by the might nor swiftness of his horses” (paraphrase) the church warns.”

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