“Korean Cult Leader Hak Ja Han Moon Paid Her Way In To Meet Pres. Mnangagwa”

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A report by Bulawayo24.com has established that an Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (AACZ) official has alleged that Dr Hak Ja Han Moon‘s camp- the Family Federation and World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) – paid ZANU PF official Energy Mutodi US$500 000 to facilitate for them to meet President Mnangagwa and the party’s National Chairperson Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri.

The allegations come after President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday told ZANU PF Central Committee that an official in his party charged a potential investor five million Rand to connect them to meet him.

They say before I take you, pay up. One person told me that he was charged 5 million rands to come see me. He was told that three-quarters of the money would go to the president (and the other quarter to the fixer)…So corruption, corruption, corruption, down with corruption. Being asked to pay to see (Defence minister Oppah) Muchinguri, down with corruption,

said the President.

When Madam Moon’s people came to the country from Korea 3 months before her arrival, they were told very clearly that for her delegation to meet President Mnangagwa and Madam Oppah they have to part with $500 000. This money they were told was a standard facilitation fee that any investor who wants to meet senior leadership in the country must pay to the person facilitating.

There was a bit of misunderstanding initially between us from AACZ and Cde Mutodi who was at the forefronting of charging this fee because these Koreans were primarily our hosts. At the end, we had to give in and the money exchanged hands.

What I am not sure of is whether the money was paid in Rand or in Dollars but sure the money exchanged hands. Hence you saw Madam Moon being introduced to Cde Oppah. The President was also supposed to have a public dinner at Meikles with Madam Moon because that was part of the deal from the facilitator but the dinner was cancelled at the eleventh hour,” 

the official told Bulawayo24.

Mother Moon, a global peace crusader and the surviving spouse of Sun Myung Moon who founded the theologically controvertible Unification Church, was the guest of honour at a government-organised Peace and Family Festival held at the National Sports Stadium in Harare last Month.

The much-heralded fete was, however, poorly attended after church consortiums and gospel musicians stayed away and urged their followers to snub the ceremony as well, citing theological differences with Dr Moon’s beliefs.

ACCZ president, and FFWPU local leader, Bishop Johannes Ndanga fumed at his Christian colleagues, accusing them of stopping their followers from attending the launch of the much-maligned festival. He found all the fault with his colleagues from the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) and Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) who stopped their followers from attending the event.

Ndanga was blunt in linking the poor turnout to alleged sabotage.

The turnout was affected somehow by the response of other church leaders who urged their members not to attend, but, we also had transport challenges. We, however, did not care much about the numbers but, we cared much about the launch and we have made it.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, a Methodist, was set to officially open the ceremony but did not show up. He sent former Minister of State for Masvingo Province Josiah Hungwe to read his speech.

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