“The Current Government Is Void Of Grace”

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Grace isn’t unique to Christians — and sad to say, far too many Christians themselves have no inkling what it means, but when it’s operating at its best, Christianity offers a spin on grace that’s different from what secular people or members of other faiths mean when they use the term.

Grace means that because God is God, we don’t have to be. It says the Lord is not only all-powerful but kind, merciful and intimately concerned with us humans.  It says humans, by contrast, mainly aren’t like God. Left to our own devices, we incline toward arrogance, self-delusion, selfishness, dishonesty and cruelty.

Sure, we’ve got good points, but we prefer self-destruction. We need help. Grace says that fortunately, God’s eager to provide and helps us find better paths.

While most clerics have been steady with their claims that the current government was installed by God and indeed has God’s blessings, there are some men of the cloth who disapprove it. One such is radical street preacher, Apostle Talent Farai Chiwenga.

The Jesus Revelation Ministries leader, who in recent times has been dubbed controversial due to his relentless approach to evangelism that involves calling out new age prophetic and prosperity movements, raised the eyebrows of many within and beyond the faith community last week when he unabashedly trumpeted that the sitting national administration of Zimbabwe is void of God’s grace.

The 33-year-old preacher, cousin to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, made the remarks while preaching at his usual Mugomba open theatre at the corner of First Street and Speke Avenue, where he fishes men.

Lampooning the unremitting economic crisis that the country has been subjected to for the most part of the millennium, Apostle Chiwenga said God was fine-tuning the panacea to the present economic mayhem as the sitting one does not have his grace.

“One who is supposed to come and fix this country is due to plump; Those leading us now have no grace. They are playing draft with national business. Their decisions are trials and error. Nobody knows exactly what they are planning. They are busy launching projects that are never materialising.”

In a tirade which was recorded in a video, Apostle Chiwenga made fun of the Beitbridge revamp and road-dualisation project which has reportedly been in limbo, saying that the government is only doing things on TV and in the newspapers, while there is a missing link on the ground.

He also posed a question to the current Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Dr John Mangudya who sensationally claimed that he will resign if bond notes fail to resuscitate Zimbabwe crippling economy.

“My question to Mangudya is, how much proof does he want to see that the bonds notes have failed? 500ml of water costs $1.00, sufficing that I need $2.00 to buy 1 litre of water. A litre of petrol costs $1.47c, meaning water is expensive than petrol in Zimbabwe. 1kg of surf costs $22.00, a new shirt $15.00. What it means, therefore, is that buying a new shirt is better than buying detergent to wash the shirt.”

Elsewhere in his sermon, the apostle alluded to his July prophecy in which he raised a red flag over the then-impending July 30 elections. He said nobody would win the election, but, the incumbent would sit in because God would allow him to as he is still cleaning his vessel of choice. The apostle, however, did not give a hint on who the vessel is.

He said:

“I was standing here and I said people would vote. I said Zimbabwe you will be disappointed again. What you’re hoping for is not what will happen. I saw the results of the elections. I also said that if you don’t believe it let’s wait. We will see who heard God’s word. I said I saw nothing changing in our national leadership, the incumbent will stay in power after the election, but there will be no winner.

The president will be installed because God would have allowed him to sit, otherwise, there is no winner. I said it, I can stand in court to defend this. I can also affirm that the prophecy was indeed true, nobody won the election. I can answer to that.

It’s not free and fair election if another party uses its privilege to take citizens’ phone numbers and send out messages asking people to vote for them, while other parties are told it’s illegal. If it was Mai Mujuru or Chamisa who sent out those messages, Econet would have been shut down. It’s not permissible. That was a serious violation of the electoral law and that was a fraud that was done between another player and the Electoral Commission.

Suffice to say, in the match that played out, the referee was donning a T-shirt for the incumbent. Say, if you see Dynamos and Highlanders playing and the referee is wearing a dynamos uniform, the game is over even before it starts. There is no game.”

You can watch the sermon below:

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