“VP Chiwenga Not Qualified To Evaluate Prophecy”

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Zimbabwe Divine Destiny leader, Bishop Ancelimo Magaya, has responded to Vice President Chiwenga’s stern warnings on “fake prophets”, saying the holder of the second highest office does not wield the ecclesiastical attestations to assess prophecy.

Asked for his take on the VP issuing a charge on prophets hiding behind God to criticise national administration and extorting money from the public, the bishop who has just finished addressing the media in Harare at a presser dubbed “Arrest Political and Socio-Economic Decay – Government told by Church,” on Friday morning, said he is uncertain if Mr Chiwenga can produce even three verses from the Holy Scriptures.

“Vice President Chiwenga should know that he has not qualified an iota to evaluate prophecy,” said the Bishop. “I don’t think he knows three verses from the Bible, I don’t think so. He’s not a Christian, he does not know God, he doesn’t know how prophets operate even in the Bible.

He needs to be reminded that when you read the book of Amos, the prophet Amos told the rulers then that they were cows of Bashan and they were greedy, flourishing and sleeping on ivory beds when they disregarded the poverty of the people.

The government officials should be the last people to actually warn prophets regarding what to say and what not to say. They should abandon murder. Vice President Chiwenga should regret the murders that the state has committed first before he touches on servants of God.”

The bishop who serves as the Executive Director of the biggest ecumenical advocacy organisation facilitating the Church’s visibility and audibility on matters of governance, went further and said that the church is justified in keeping an eye and speaking on political matters of the day, as opposed to some sects who uphold the policy of immiscibility of politics and religion.

He said the notion that church should not be a political watchdog is “errant, faulty, unfounded, and unbiblical.”

“If we don’t get involved in politics what else do we get involved in? When we bury the dead because they have died of cholera as a result of mis-governance, you want us to bury them without asking why this cholera rampant in this age?” he quizzed.

“Politics cannot be isolated from the Church because politics has to do with the science and art of government and we want to watch how rulers govern people. So it’s evidence of ignorance on anybody who actually want to say that the church should just stay out of politics,”concluded Bishop Magaya.

Bishop Magaya’s comments on VP Chiwenga follows after the retired general called out pseudo clerics who use lecterns to besmirch the status quo.

The VP was speaking at a welcome home prayer meeting conducted in his rural Hwedza and broadcasted live on ZBC following the Deputy’s following his discharge from a hospital in South Africa.

Said the VP;

“There are others who are now calling themselves prophets. Aripo uyo anonzi ani, Talent (Muzuva). That should come to an end today. Zvatoperera pano. We don’t have that culture where one moves around attacking leaders under the guise of preaching the word of God. God does not say move around attacking other people.

“We want people to go to church and pray to God. This habit of using the name of the church to extort money is not good. How can you say that on the one hand you are practising Satanism and on the other, you say you are a prophet, what kind of a prophecy is that? It’s not good and we don’t want that.”

Jesus Revelation Ministries leader, Apostle Talent Farai Chiwenga, who the VP mentioned by name in the address, has since pleaded with Vice President Chiwenga to leave his family out of their dispute, stating that he speaks what God instructs him to say.

In a live video broadcast last Tuesday, the Apostle who is the VP’s cousin brother, claimed that military officers seized him over the weekend after running into the VP’s heavily armed entourage at a relative’s rural homestead.

The two fell out after the 33-year-old preacher told his street audience that Mr Chiwenga was unfit to lead Zimbabwe six months ago.

In the video, Apostle Chiwenga echoed his earlier sentiment that the VP is not fit to lead the country.

Here is Bishop Magaya’s full press statement as he delivered it today; Arrest Political and Socio-Economic Decay – Government told by Church

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