Expecting Parents, Join TUDiki as they host the Mother of all Baby Showers this Summer! 

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There’s nothing really like the ‘before baby arrives’ party. Not only do you get to utterly spoil your tiny belly dweller while still in-utero; you also get to enjoy the festivities with no need to crouch out to assuage a whining baby or chase around a hyperactive toddler for the last time in quite a while!

A sporadically done custom in Zimbabwe, TUDiki, a resident speciality retailer offering high-quality name brand children’s clothing and accessories, is proud to present The Mother of all Baby Showers at the peak of Summer 2018.

In the organisers’ own words, “Forget everything you know about baby showers because this event is unlike anything you have ever experienced”.

Happening on a Saturday the 6th of October at The Venue Avondale, the shower will make the parenting journey easier to many by providing a multitude of products and services available in Zimbabwe to hopeful, new and expecting parents, parents of toddlers and grandparents.

It is a unique adult-only event full of resources, support and education from local experts and brands, and new/expectant parents who attend will all be showered, educated and entertained under one roof.

The glamorous event will also offer amazing deals on products and services, and lots of food and entertainment, photo shoots, and mini spa sessions- because every amazing parent deserves it.

As it is an agreeable sentiment, it’s tough to find great advice and information on pregnancy and parenting in the country. So, what TUDiki is doing is taking away the guesswork. Their goal is simple: to source expert advice & essential parenting tips, together with the latest products and services related to pregnancy, babies, and toddlers, and bring them together under one roof to make attendees the best parents they can be.

A parents’ day out of a kind, the TUDiki Shower will combine learning, laughing and will have parents and parents-to-be leave the event better equipped and ready. They will skip the baby talk and jump straight to real learning, offering attendees the opportunity to test out products, get insight from parenting experts, and build lifelong relationships with other parents.

Event Line Up

Shopping, Games & Prizes 

They have the best baby and kids vendors showcasing their products and services. A lot of shopping will happen on site and all attendees get free giveaways and are entered into a raffle to win awesome prizes.


Fact or fiction, parents will share their funny stories with others.  

Feeding & Nutrition

Dispell all the myths on how, when and what to feed your child. TUDiki nutritionists and lactation consultants will teach you the right way.

Parenting & Health

This discussion panel will feature the experts in raising a healthy child. Featured speakers include a paediatrician, early childhood development specialist, speech therapist and other experts.

The Mother of all Baby Showers event starts at 12:00 pm and ends at 5:00 pm.

For more information on tickets and Baby Gift Registry visit the event website here

Hallelujah Magazine will also be joining the Mother of all Baby Showers.


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