Zimbabwe will Continue to Put on the Same Clothes After Elections, Prophet of Doom Says 

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A cleric with the Abundant Life Revival Mission International in Zimbabwe, Prophet Itayi Ukama, who has since been dubbed a prophet of doom in new media circles – prophesied that people would be ‘so disappointed’ with the elections results and that they will go on putting on the same clothes.

In a prophecy issued on the 22nd of July, just eight days before the general elections, Prophet Ukama said elections results would dampen the spirits of people because the time is not right.

“Today I want you to know that next week people will be so disappointed because it’s not yet time,” he said.

The prophet added that he saw a sinister cloud drifting over Zimbabwe, a metaphor that could denote bad news.

“So, the month of August, I saw a dark cloud hovering over the nation of Zimbabwe. We arrest the spirit of violence, the spirit of bitterness, we arrest it in the name of Jesus.”

Regardless of the impending doom, the prophet, speaking in the farfetched theological idiolect, however, assured his followers that the time will come.

He said;

“It’s not yet time but the time will come before the fullness of time. I’m talking about the Zimbabwean elections and today is what? 22nd of July. I’m talking about the outcome of the Zimbabwe election. It’s not yet time but the time shall come before the end of time.

“The results will be announced and Zimbabwe will continue to put on the same clothes.”

The later part of the prophecy which referred to wearing the same clothes has had people interpreting it as a sign that the nation will continue wallowing in the slump of economic travails which had smacked the country for nearly two decades now.

Ukama further urged his congregants that they needed to pray for the month of August as “there will be so much trouble and strife around the nation and we don’t want this thing to rapture”.

“We, as men and women of God, stand and we declare that not one child of Zimbabwe will she his blood because of politics. Blessings do not come from politicians, they come from God,” he said.

“There is so much tension, there is so much acrimony, but God is going to reign peace,” Ukama concluded.

Last week Zimbabwe went to a general election and the incumbent President E.D. Mnangagwa was declared duly elected president. He won 50, 8 per cent of the overall votes while his next formidable rival Nelson Chamisa had 44, 3 per cent.

And no means how much people try, Zimbabwean politics never seem to arrive at a happy closure.

Regardless of the election being parsed as smooth by both resident and foreign observers, some have raised deep concerns about the electoral environment as they reported incidents of intimidation, using food aid and traditional leaders to accumulate support and the huge number of assisted voters.

With such a gust of irregularities in the atmosphere, a triumph for Mnangagwa left the country with deep political divisions, exacerbated by deadly rioting in the capital on Wednesday, August 1.

The police and other security agencies battled with protesters but came to a halt. Unsure of how to go about them since the protests were a new terrain, they called in the army, who then launched robust operations on unarmed civilians. The soldiers then fired live rounds and the death toll from street clashes rose to six and injured fourteen people.

There were conflicting accounts of who handled the bloodshed in the capital of Harare, which followed opposition protests of alleged vote-rigging.

While the military has been criticised for the crackdown, police spokesperson Charity Charamba blamed rioters, saying some were drunk and that they destroyed eight cars and 22 shops.

This week the MDC Alliance has ditched the poll result and assembled a team of legal experts to sift through the electoral data and mount a strong challenge against President Mnangagwa’s triumph. Chamisa had vowed to fight the result, demanding that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) release constituency-based tallies.

So, as it stands it is not clear if Mr Mnangagwa’s honeymoon with Zimbabweans will last long as the election outcome showed that apparently millions of people believed in his message of change. Expectations are high and it will be easy to disappoint because is not an easy country to govern.

Watch Prophet Ukama’s full prophecy here:

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