Understanding the #IPrayIVote Mantra: Have We Asked God Who He Wants us to Vote for?

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Zimbabwe goes to a general election on 30 July and the scramble for the Christian vote has heightened.

Never has Christianity been this convenient for politicians who are going overboard not to solely seek divine interference, but also identify with communities of faith in the quest for potential votes.

Well, that should not come as a jolt because it has recently been assessed that over eighty percent of Zimbabwe’s populace is understood to be Christian, with a significant number among them registered voters.

So as the election clock fast ticks, may we share a word to Christian Zimbabweans?

First, are you registered to vote in the impending elections, or say are you in the habit of exercising your right to have a voice in elections?

Sadly, the records reveal that there has been a minuscule proportion of Christians voting in elections in the past years.

However, this year appears to be peculiar as most Christian has not only registered to vote but are also at the forefront of influencing a conducive climate for a peaceful election. We have ecumenical forums like the World Council of Churches, Zimbabwe Divine Destiny (ZDD), Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC), Zimbabwe Christian Network, Catholic Church, Zimbabwe Christian Alliance, Danish Church Aid and other church motherboards crusading for a peace, unity and political tolerance before, during and after the 2018 harmonised election.

‘To choose political leaders, people who are going to represent you in government is a Christian responsibility. This is evidenced from the early church, the church always sat down to make decision, to identify people who would represent the underprivileged communities, and for this reason, we believe that it is your duty and ours to register to vote, and vote in peace. I pray, I vote,’ from iprayivote.co.zw

If you are a voting Christian, good for you! That aside, let’s move on to the second one. Have you sought or are you seeking God’s guidance in the way you should vote?

Your opinion, or the opinions of others, is not what is important, but God’s opinion is vital.

If we are to go theological, James 1:5 says, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”

So the big challenge is, have you asked God who He wants you to vote for? We need His wisdom on the matter.

We are assured that if every believer will humbly ask that question of God, and vote that way, we will see the hand of God working for us. We all know this about our God; He will only answer that question about one person to vote for. He will not give us all different answers.

And it matters not about gender or age, who God wants, that we will elect.

That is the only issue. So as has been the Christian mantra so far we say pray, and then vote the prayer. #IPrayIVote 

ImChris Charamba

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