Mutsvangwa Turns to God!

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A new image has surfaced and is doing multiple rounds on social media of the Presidential special advisor Chris Mutsvangwa kneeling down before an unspecified man of God in what appeared like a prayer session as the nation prepares for a nationwide poll at the margin of this month, July 30 to be precise.

Except for the snap which appears quite drama-packed, not much is known on what this one-on-one session with a young preacher could have possibly been about.

And yet some quick-to-grab-it netizens, true to their top-notch social sharing game, have already shared their various unfiltered responses and opinions, with most users theorising that Mr Mutsvangwa, who is running as ZANU PF’s candidate for Member of Parliament in Norton, was desperately beseeching the Good Heavens for its nod in the offing polls.

Here are some of the reactions from Twittersphere:


Mr Mutsvangwa will be contesting against current MP Temba Mliswa for the Norton seat in the 2018 harmonised elections and the two has been at it for a time now.

In May Mutsvangwa said that, if elected, Norton was going to become an industrial hub.

Said Mutsvangwa;

‘You are aware that Norton is now the hub of big investment. Russians are going ahead with their massive mining project just outside Norton. We have the Chinese who are busy negotiating on more furnaces in Selous, which is, of course, part of Norton.

‘We will push Norton to become the optimal investment district of Zimbabwe. Investments start at local government level, and Norton is going to take the leading role. These are the issues which we are dealing with to take advantage of President Mnangagwa’s declaration that Zimbabwe is open for business.’

Mutsvangwa’s alter image could not come at a better time. Last month, this publication ran an article in which we looked at how a considerable number of Zimbabwean politicians are interestingly becoming so religious with the general elections looming over the nation’s head.

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