Former SDA Pastor Hits His Church Again, Claims Adventists are Ashamed of their Prophet Ellen G. White

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Former Zambian Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) clergyman Pastor Musonda Mwansa is out blazing guns yet again at his former church, further unmasking what he purportedly claims is deceptive theology within the sect that has been around since the 19th Century and striking the sect‘s exclusive piousness stance towards contemporary Church denominations.

Musonda, who in February 2017 claimed that his former church has several fake doctrines, has this week published another piece, putting forth ten reasons he’s convinced believers should never follow Adventism.

Pastor Musonda Mwansa writes;


Here are the Reasons!

1. SDA teaches that the Sabbath is the great separating wall between God’s true people and the lost, contrary to John 3:16.

2. Catastrophe is to believe in a set of doctrines that cannot be supported by the Bible-sign of cults- Mat. 15:9

3. SDA deceived me that she was God’s true church, but God’s true church was in existence before SDA was formed in Michigan in 1863

4. The Parable of the Pharisee and the Publican in Luke 18:9-14 is like a parable of SDA and other Christians.

5. Dear SDA, the Bible is the authority. If you cant quote the Bible to defend your beliefs, keep the comments to yourself

6. Adventism is exclusive religion. They are holy and all non-Adventists are evil. Sad for anti-Christ’s attitude toward others..

7. A Bad tree cannot produce good fruits in the same way a false message cannot produce a true Christian.

8. The Pope is to Roman Catholic and Ellen White is to Seventh-day Adventists. No difference.

9. SDA are ashamed of their prophet Ellen. They leave her locked in their closets and never mention her in their “Crusades” It’s sad.

10. Remember, the all purpose of the SDA “Crusade” is to make you a disciple of SDA and not a disciple of Jesus Christ.



Musonda’s claims come at a time when the church has been crying foul of suffering attacks at the hands of opinion drivers locally and Globally.

Earlier in January, a regular Disqus user named 

Commenting on courtroom pieces ran by The Chronicle concerning two SDA members who were caught up in sodomy and kidnapping scandals respectively, the user made it clear that the reports were an attack at the

He wrote:

‘The Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) has been receiving bad press in certain sectors of the media of late. It’s as if this is a deliberate attempt by them to portray the Church in a bad light,’ adding on that ‘the Seventh Day Adventist Church is under attack by opinion drivers locally and indeed globally’.

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