Labour, Public Service and Social Welfare Minister Assigned to Oversee Church Grievances! 

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Government is committed to partnering churches in the promotion of peace and nation building, a Cabinet minister has said.

In an interview with the national tabloid The Sunday Mail on the sidelines of a Women’s Day of Prayer at Glamis Arena in the capital recently, Labour, Public Service and Social Welfare Minister Petronella Kagonye said the gap between church and the State has been bridged.

“During a meeting which was held recently between the President (Mnangagwa) and religious leaders, ministers of religion asked to be given a ministry they can work with. Accordingly, my ministry was given that task.”

Minister Kagonye also said the new unit in her ministry is a platform for churches to participate in national issues.

“Churches can channel their grievances and have their voices heard through my ministry. They (churches) have been making various requests to Government but they have been coming as individual organisations, so now the churches finally came together.

“There was no proper link between Government and churches.”

Minister Kagonye urged churches to form one body and speak with one voice.

Currently, there are about 10 registered church organisations in the country, with a number of denominations choosing not to be part of these bodies.

Zimbabwe Christian Ministers’ Association president Bishop Christopher Choto said,

“This is something we have never seen before, to witness all churches coming together to partner with the Government. We are working with Government so that even church ministers get pensions.”

Today’s Woman co-ordinator Pastor Abigail Magwenzi said a relationship between the Government and the church is beneficial to women.

“We think it’s wonderful, even if you are Christian you still have to live under the laws of the land. Now we are able to put forward our requests. We want to empower women in the church and as long as we are outside the mainstream of the economy, that won’t happen.”

Via The Sunday Mail

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