Uebert Angel Instructed Me Not to Pay Debt, Says Angel’s ‘Deadbeat Spiritual Son’

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A Harare-based church leader, George Jongwe, who leads the Liberty News Church is evading to pay off his debt to Onward Media Consultancy for the services they rendered to him, alleging he was charged not to pay by his spiritual father Uebert Angel.

When confronted to pay up Apostle George Jongwe’s defence was that his spiritual father Uebert Angel had instructed him not to settle. A very irate Jongwe then issued threats to the director of Onward Media Consultancy, Brilliant Pongo.

 “I will warn you now if you ever set foot in Harare, we have set traps for you, you will die. You are messing with the Angel family we are the prophetic mafia. The is a spiritual war you cannot win.” (sic) Jongwe said.

Jongwe, who had gone off Facebook live, was made uncomfortable by a question from Pongo who asked ‘ko how far?’ Perhaps dreading that he would be asked about none payment of his debt Jongwe hastily said:

Brilliant Pongo, this is a platform for prophecy you can contact me on WhatsApp.’ 

The fallacy of Miracle Debt Cancellation

Pongo said:

“almost immediately, after Jongwe stopped his Facebook live broadcast he called me screaming on the phone. ‘I will not pay you because Prophet Uebert Angel said that you are fighting him and so anyone in our family who owes you money has been instructed not to pay you.’

Jongwe continued with his threats claiming:

“We have set traps for you. We are speaking against your business, binding it in the spirit and anything you touch nothing will work in your life. You don’t know who I am with right now we will fix you. Let me warn you, don’t ever step your foot into Zimbabwe. We see what you are doing to the body of Christ. You don’t know who you are messing with we are the Angel family.”   

Pongo went on to say, ‘I asked him, what he would do to me if I stepped into Zimbabwe‘, to which Jongwe responded:

“You will die.”

George Jongwe, who calls himself the Liberty Man, is a so-called ‘spiritual son’ of Uebert Angel insists he is fighting for his divine father’s honour.

Mr Pongo has been on a drive to expose Uebert Angel as a charlatan. He recently mocked the shoe-size reduction miracle performed by Uebert Angel in America as a joke and a reproach to the word miracle.

Following the spat with George Jongwe, Brilliant Pongo, in his true style, nonchalantly took to Facebook to post his response mocking the so-called prophetic mafia and taking aim at its leader Uebert Angel.

When this writer reached out to Mr Pongo for a comment regarding the post, the Christian author and media practitioner said:

“I must say what I posted on my Facebook page succinctly sums it all up. I was not at all surprised by Jongwe’s actions. I expected this sort of thing from Uebert and his prophetic or is it pathetic mafia. They are all charlatans masquerading as men of God. And it is my pleasure to expose them.

‘Indeed Jongwe owes my company money, we have done a few things to help this Jongwe. It suffices to say, some of you may know that he recently launched a book, written in English, surprising many people in Harare given he can hardly string a grammatically correct sentence together.

‘What he owes me is not much. It is a very small amount, it wouldn’t even buy a decent pair of shoes, so it’s not about the money but honouring your word and paying your debts. This promise of debt cancellation he got from their spiritual father is just rubbish, it is a fallacy.’

Pongo further set forth:

“My team told me that I would be insulted and threatened by the followers of the pathetic mafia. I knew that I would get all sorts of nonsense from the brainwashed victims of Zizi. But I have never felt intimidated by their threats at all. I am on record for saying Uebert izizi risinanyanga (this pathetic mafia is led by an owl that pretends to have horns) just because its called a great horned owl it doesn’t mean they are real horns.’

Written by Chemedzai Gumbochuma

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