The Decline of A Worshipper

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Worship calls not for an outward show or lip service but an inbuilt desire and passion which you express to Him in so many ways. Worship allows us to know God and connect with his presence in a deeper way. In the process of us worshipping God that he in turns adorns our lives with his glory and align us with his will and blessing.

Such is not a 1-hour programme; sporadic or regular routine but it is a lifestyle of worship that one daily lives and walks in. Worship in its nature requires certain characteristics from the worshiper, it sets a certain level of consecration and separation of the worshiper no matter who you are and what level you are.

If you are a Worship Leader, these characteristics of separation are to a certain level, a deeper one because of the office you would be holding. A lot of worship leaders that God has called, He separated them for his work and If you have just received your call in worship start working on these characteristics and qualities in your life and be set to bless the Lord.

Worshippers always start with a fired up heart. They do everything right with the little they know and with time they become relaxed and they tend to give more attention to the small things that turn away their mind from God.

If you are a worshipper and you start to see things listed below in your life, work on it quickly.

Contempt of your Pastor: the pastor is the set person in that church or congregation. A lot of worshippers fight with their Pastor, Prophet, Apostle or whoever is pastor of the church just because they stopped you when you felt the Holy Spirit was about to break out or they favour him or her over you and that person is a bad singer and just an ordinary singer or whatever your reason may be.

When you have contempt for your pastor, it creates anarchy and destroys you and the church. The greatest place in life is the place of submission whether you are right and he is wrong, submit to your pastor.

Contempt of Team: when you are in non-compliance with the rest of the team for whatever reason. Worship Leaders or worshipper cannot do it alone, no matter how good you are you need band or choir or both, you are made better and best by the rest of the team. When we are in contempt of the team that God has set to be with us in worship then we are fighting with the same God who set all in place.

Focus on people and forget God: A Lot of worshippers fall into this trap because of pride and do not recognise that they have fallen into this trap. When we are so concerned with how people think and react to your worship. We are so caught up with people that we forget that worship is connecting the people with God and we are happy to bring people to admire certain things than for them to connect more with God.

Pride: The moment we have small doses or pockets of increased pride in our hearts and mind the same moment that our worship declines. Pride kills the move the Holy Spirit in our lives and the lives of the people that God has set us to bring them into his presence.

Ichabod lifestyle: We walk on the altar of God as if we are walking on a circular stage. Ichabod lifestyle is living a life without the presence of God. We worship God at his altar and when things aren’t moving we cry for the presence of God to come and take over, and God will never move where his glory isn’t.

The day you start to walk in these paths that we have spoken about be aware that it will be the start of your decline as a worshipper his gifting and calling will not be taken away for the gifts of God are without repentance. These lifestyles or attitudes will take you away from his presence and as a worshipper, if you lose his presence, you have lost the one thing in life that matters.

There are so many factors that cause worship leaders to move the presence of God. I pray that God will not allow you to walk into any of these paths and if you are walking into any of these paths may God help grant you grace to walk in the path that leads to God and lead people into his presence. In Jesus Name “Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; Worship The LORD In The Beauty Of Holiness”, Psalms 29:2.



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