Bizarre! Unclever Wedding Hashtag Cost Couple their Marriage

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Planning for a wedding doesn’t always mean getting married. A cute couple, John and Wendy Hamilton were married in a beautiful ceremony in Laguna Beach California late last week, but it all may have been a waste of time.

According to the Californian county authorities, the Hamiltons had failed to come up with a clever wedding hashtag before the event and found their marriage licence revoked by officials almost immediately.

Guests arriving at the event were simply greeted by a welcome sign, and couldn’t locate a cutesy chalkboard telling them what hashtag to use when posting on Social networks.

“Our review of the couple’s documentation found that John and Wendy simply told people who asked them to post to social media using the hashtag #JohnandWendysWedding, and that’s simply unacceptable,”

a county clerk told reporters.

“County law is very clear: a wedding must have a minister, an approved marriage license, and a sappy, cute hashtag, or the marriage will be declared null and void. It’s nothing personal—we’re just doing our jobs,”

she added.

The coupled reportedly sought to contest the verdict, pointing out that they had sparklers, adorable table decorations, an open bar, funny socks for the groomsmen, and fun party favours.

Sadly, the county rejected their appeal on the strands that a clever wedding hashtag is an essential part of a marriage, setting forth that couples who do not have one are “pretty much wasting their time with their relationship.

At publishing time, a disquieting report had further revealed the wedding didn’t have a photo booth.


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