Prophetic-Pimp-Gate-Scandal Sparks Mass Exodus at Uebert Angel’s Church!

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Uebert Angel’s Church in the U.K. has been dwindling as most members are probably fed up with the alleged sex scandals that have shadowed the church and its heads in recent years. 

Things took a turn for the worst when the Prophetic Pimp Gate Scandal was exposed. This scandal involved Melody Dzingai, a young lady who runs a pimping syndicate lining up paramours for Uebert Angel’s erotic fantasies.

Many erstwhile members have taken off the church and those who hitherto held Prophet Angel in high esteem are fast discovering that he is not only a promiscuous leader but a ‘liar’. News reports confirming how he lied to Forbes Magazine about properties he claimed to have bought were exposed.

Some of his former ministers who spoke to this writer confirmed that there was no building that Uebert purchased. Instead, the church has left a stream of debts from the many venues and premises they rented.

One pastor who preferred to stay anonymous said,

“The Birmingham branch at one point had close to 500 congregates each Sunday but after the incessant scandals involving sex and money and false claims, many discovered that Angel was a fake and left.

But most recently it was his defending of Titus Takavarasha, the philandering Reverend whose nude pictures and that of his Zambian mistress were splashed all over social media after his wife Cecelia allegedly got sick of his infidelity.” (sic)

The former pastor pointed out that ‘the bond between Uebert and Titus is founded on sexual shenanigans ranging from taking nude pictures, asking for nude pictures and videos and sexually abusing married women and young girls’.

This, the cleric said, is part of the liturgies that give them the power to prophesy;

‘Uebert Angel has been teaching Titus how to tap into occultism whence they draw powers.’

The behaviour of these church leaders has led to an exodus as many dismayed congregates are now leaving Spirit Embassy The Good News Church.

An insider who spoke to this tabloid revealed,

‘There are whispers of disgruntlement amongst members, we have become the butt of all unsavoury jokes. My friends ask me Kwakadii ku Spirit Embassy varisei Spiritual father venyu? (How are things at Spirit Embassy Church, how is your Spiritual Father Uebert Angel?). The church has been dogged by sexual scandals and it’s not good at all some members have responded negatively the numbers don’t lie it’s not good at all but the Prophet and the leadership are trying to cover up.’ (sic)

Among other pastors that left behind the Church in the U.K. are Pastor Time, Pastor Darlington Manamike, Pastor Kamoto, Pastor Rivete, Pastor Frank, Pastor Eric, Pastor Farai, and Pastor Joseph Makuvire.

Some if not all of these preachers and their spouses experienced harassment from Uebert Angel, allegedly.

It is native knowledge that at one time Uebert Angel stayed with a daughter of a pastor from Teeside while his wife Beverly was in Zimbabwe for a conference. That incident enraged the parents (names withheld) of the girl who then left the church, a move that triggered the relatives of this family to also leave once the news of this misconduct surfaced.

The young lady who Uebert Angel allegedly bedded was reportedly picked up by the shamed Rev Titus from a London college where she was studying. She only left the house after Beverly Angel came back from Zimbabwe and called her parents who were pastors at that time to come and pick their daughter up from Uebert Angel’s then residence in Newark in Nottinghamshire England.

It has come to light that Uebert Angel is not discriminatory with regards to who he sleeps with, married or single he doesn’t care. He caused one of his strongest family in the Manchester branch to leave the church after he slept with their daughter-in-law who Angel later claimed was his relative.

Unbeknown to Uebert Angel, the husband to this woman (name withheld) had tracked his wife’s phone to the hotel that Uebert had booked. The sad reality is that we now have a broken down marriage and a big family that have now since left the Manchester branch of his church.

The truth is now coming out and there is panic in the remaining leaders, most of whom are Uebert Angel’s concubines or are also involved in the ‘sex scandals’.

As if he was not in enough mess, Uebert Angel had targeted the wife of one of his Manchester branch pastors who then showed her husband the messages from Uebert Angel. The pastors decided to leave quietly, but all hell broke loose when they showed the message to their fellow countryman and colleague pastors. One of the female clerics chose to challenge him over his lurid messages and Prophet Angel lost it as he then sent a flurry of messages threatening her with all sorts of misfortune if she did not come back to church. He even had the audacity to say he wanted to sleep with her.

There are more of these cases in the UK and it is only a matter of time before it all comes out publicly.

‘Ask anyone who knows Uebert Angel; his and his behaviour, his sexual shenanigans and scandals did not start here in the U.K. Part of why he ran from Zimbabwe was not just the Bentley case but he had slept with one of the pastor’s wife. It is well known ask anyone in Harare about what he did with one of his former pastors who is married to a famous businessman’s young brother (name withheld), this is well known,’

one mole said.

This article was written by Chemedzai Gumbochuma

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