Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe Preaches Peace, Acknowledged the New Dispensation for Giving People A Voice

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The Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) has urged Zimbabweans to uphold the prevailing peaceful environment during and after the upcoming elections.

EFZ Secretary-General Pastor Blessing Makwara said they were inspired by the message of peace preached by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“In the past many people were not bold to speak out but we are grateful to the new dispensation for giving us a Voice,”

he said.

“The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, Gender Commission, and the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission should fully play their constitutional roles while the police should not tolerate violence.

We kindly request that timelines for critical processes be publicly shared and adhered to. 

The President has always referred to God, preaching the gospel of peace and reconciliation all the time. 

This signifies that the church and religion is that Voice of conscience.

People should be very careful of some church organisations but we have ZCBC (Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference), ZCC (Zimbabwe Council of Churches) and others which are credible.”

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe represents denominations, Churches, Para-church movements and individual Christians of the Evangelical persuasion.

They are branched to the Association of Evangelicals in Africa and the World Evangelicals Association.

Additionally, EFZ is a building member of Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations.

Their vision and mission are anchored on the following six core values, which regulate behaviour and conduct: Christ-Centeredness, Love, Faithful Stewardship, Respect and Integrity, Excellence and Relationships.

EFZ has been one of the key facilitators of the #PrayRegisterVote campaign, a crusade to bolster the effective participation of Christians in every day and public life.

The Fellowship has been running to encourage the participation of Christians in every aspect of life and particularly the elective process.

#PrayRegisterVote seeks to spur Christians to be part of the election process by undertaking at least in three distinct actions, namely praying registering and voting.

Through this campaign, EFZ recognises that the trek towards the Zimbabwe people want compels every Zimbabwean to action.

They believe in this electoral season, every Zimbabwean has a charge and responsibility to their country to take part and #PrayRegisterVote!

Additional Reporting by The Sunday Mail

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