A New Wave Of Feminism: Of Women Proposing & Men Accepting or Rejecting

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There has been quite a lot of flipping scripts lately about societal expectations of men and women on social media. Some are funny when you think about it; some are downright embarrassing.

So in the spirit of ‘what men can do, women can do (better), a couple of videos have surfaced on social media of some bold women going down on one knee to propose to their boyfriends in public places only to be told no.

Rejection is never easy and could be hugely embarrassing and humiliating depending on the place of rejection.

For men who have been in the game for a while, they understand that they stand a chance of being rejected and it’s a risk they are willing to take if they really want to get that girl. But for pros, they can assess the situation accurately and know if they stand a chance or not. They would pick up on hints the ladies usually leave, showing interest and then act on it.

But I doubt the same can be said when the tables are turned. Women are known more to do the rejecting and not to be rejected. We have been raised to accept or reject proposals and rarely encouraged to initiate them.

But with the new wave of ‘feminism’, ‘women empowerment’ and ‘gender equality’, some women are being emboldened to take the first step in getting what they want instead of waiting around for their men to pop the question.

I wouldn’t call it wrong or even socially unacceptable for a woman to propose to a man. After all, she alone gets to live with the consequences; whether good or bad. But men generally enjoy and actually pride themselves on the chase.

They are thrilled with it. So to take away that moment from them is like pulling the rug under their feet. I wouldn’t say it feels emasculating to them but it might feel pretty close. No matter how much he might love the lady, that moment would be a bit uneasy for him with thoughts of, “But it’s my place to do this, not yours.”

Ladies are usually an open book when it comes to whether they want to take the next step or not. They would have already said yes in many different ways before the question is popped. But with guys…he could show interest but still appear elusive when it comes to taking things further. You try to take things into your own hands and propose and then, it’s a no. You would wonder, if he had no intention of settling down with the lady, why waste her time? That is the one million dollar question.

Some things as debatable as they can be, are considered to be for men only. Instead of going down on one knee, perhaps ladies should first try and find out if the man is even considering marriage in the first place and spare themselves the embarrassing disappointment of being told no. Because it wouldn’t make sense to propose to a man who dodges any question or conversation pertaining to marriage or future plans.

The red flag is already waving but sometimes, emotions could blindside us a bit.

Dear men, would you find you it flattering if a woman were to propose to you or rather emasculating? And what would you advise in such a situation? Kindly share because I would like to know. Thanks for reading.

Josephine Amoako is Christian blogger from Ghana. She loves to write articles and scripts. Visit her blog here.

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