Christian Fashion Line Chosen Clothing Launches with Gospel Diva Lindi Marc This Weekend 


Lindi Marc: Facebook

Harare-based Christian Clothing line Chosen Clothing will officially launch their brand this coming Saturday, with the sensational SA based Gospel diva Lindi Marc live in concert.


Supporting Lindi will be the energetic and enthusiastic Christian dancehall chanter Kudah Runit and  Chosen.

Taking place at the Alliance Francaise in Harare, the event is made possible through a partnership with OyOsMusic, a fast-growing Zimbabwean online music store that sells Zimbabwean music.

Life Coach, motivational speaker and media practitioner Senior Pastor Keith Mawoyo will be the host.

To the unfamiliarized, Chosen Clothing is an independently owned Christian brand stemming from Harare. Their goal is to incorporate a positive and inspiring messages from the Word of God on t-shirts and other designs. Although it is a Christian based company,  their designs are made to suit everybody, Christians and non-Christians. They want every person of all ages, ethnic groups, genders, and beliefs to be united with a constructive message on their costumes.

Their name Chosen is an inspiration from the book of John 15:16 which says:

“You didn’t Choose me but I Chose you to bear fruits that last.”

They strongly believe that Jesus Christ gave his life for our sins and rose from the dead after the third day and he has chosen us to fulfil his purpose on earth. They love to promote God’s love toward us in any way, shape, or form, and this is why they design their shirts and many other designs with a positive and inspiring message. The motive is to display the gift that they believe is God-given, through the art of fashion.

We are irrationally excited about the launch of a brand that will promote a Christian lifestyle. In the world of fashion and streetwear, there has been a lot of fashion labels who are spreading and perpetuating messages of negativity. Whether it be promoting over-sexualization, drug abuse, violence, crime or, blatantly in some cases, the antichrist, there is no shortage of societal poison in the form of fashion.

We, however, are of the belief that for every negative there is a positive, and in this case, the amazing brand of Chosen Clothing is here to promote light and life and, trust us, they do not skimp at all on the creativity. They have some of the highest quality branding and designs ever seen. They have very fresh takes on familiar biblical themes. Their designs, delve into the world of graphical illustrations and present their concepts in thought-provoking ways. It is beautiful, well crafted and does not shy away from the gospel.

The launch starts at 17:00hrs and attendees are advised to RSVP on 0771 570 018.