Rev TT Chivaviro Reassures Hope In ‘It Is Not Over’ Video, Watch


The clock is ticking faster than usual for award-winning musician Reverent Togarirepi Chivaviro and his camp, and looking at the way he is putting in an amazing amount of splendid work his season is nowhere near ending.


The second half of just ended January saw the Rev kicking off his new year on a high note with the launch of his 15th studio album Matishamisa Jireh at the Ambassadors Hotel, a show that attracted hundreds of attendees.

Last week he descended to Mutare and gave out a stellar performance at Pastor Tinashe Murigo‘s Zvichanaka album launch.

Now, while many are still trying to digest his latest body of work, the Ebenezer hit machine is back and in full swing in a brand new video for his already promising track It Is Not Over.

The catchy, intense and evergreen (pun intended) visual piece filmed by ITEN Production comes as a clarion for revival in the church and to anyone who might be going through difficult times in their lives. Penned by the Rev himself, his message supports his continued endeavours in addressing and reflecting on issues that anyone faces and reassuring them that God actually cares for them.

The video stars a desperate man who is going through a rocky moment in his life with his family and have contemplated on taking away his own life sadistically, a thought that often crosses many people’s minds when confronted with prototypical situations.

It also features a woman who is suffering from dejection after his own husband denies her intimacy. Very sensitive issues.

It is at such a juncture that the Rev comes in, proclaiming that God is not yet over with them, matter of fact he has more in store for such people.

He proclaims:

‘Count it joy when these things happen upon your life, for you are about to see the hand of God now.  There is more that God is going to do for you. Your are down but not out. Glory be unto Jesus.’

The customary song alleviates the soul and goes with a melancholic sound that interfaces the heart straightforwardly to God. Without a doubt, it has the extraordinary component that can draw the nearness of God to advance into our undertakings.

Actually, the song  could not be more fitting coming from anyone else but the Rev. At the launch of his newest album the musician was plunged into a sympathetic emotional breakdown when he opened up about how God saved him from an evil domain as a boy, an experience so evil that it almost claimed his dear life.

You don’t have to be religious to be affected by the power of such gospel music, you just need to be a fan of good music and dazzling visuals. It is so inviting especially when you allow the wealth of the Shona dialect enunciated in the vocals infiltrate you.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think about it.