Prophet Uebert Angel, How Much Is He Really Worth?

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Last week the Nehanda Radio investigated United Kingdom-based flamboyant preacher and Spirit Embassy: The Good News Church leader Uebert Angel and his money to find how much he is worth.

The investigation looked at the businesses he runs, the cars and houses he has and the source of his money.

Prominent preacher Uebert Angel and wife Beverly share a loving moment in their 13 acre private garden at their massive mansion home in the United Kingdom.

Last year Angel splashed out on a massive mansion in Lincoln, UK that has a 14 acre private garden including an impressive three lakes that have rare fish that cost thousands of dollars. It is estimated that the house was bought for around $2 million as a box structure and will be worth around $4 million when renovations are done.

Furniture for the Uebert Angel mansion being delivered by arguably one of the most expensive shop in the UK, Harrods

Sources told the publication that the prophet is installing Versace tiles throughout the house, gold plated bathrooms and toilets, a dedicated cinema room, 8 seater jacuzzi and a swimming pool. As you can see from this picture, furniture for his home is being delivered from Harrods, arguably one of the most expensive shops in the UK. The property has an equally impressive three-bedroom guest house/garage.

His Sam Barkeley Construction company recently bought an electric power station in Sleaford Town Centre which they have started demolishing in order to build houses for sale. Nehanda estimates that the total sum of his real estate projects is around $20 million. This includes a total of 300 properties in Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Bulgaria, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Angel recently bought a 1200 seater theatre in Birmingham, UK to add to his portfolio of convention centres around the world.  The building is estimated at around $1 million.

Helicopter parked outside Prophet Uebert Angel mansion
Helicopter parked outside Uebert Angel’s mansion

The preacher loves to travel in style. He has a reported collection of 47 vehicles around the world which include a Lamborghini worth nearly $281 000, Black Badge Rolls Royce, a Mercedes coupe, an SL 500 new shape Mercedes, Audi Q7 and a Spyder F3 CAN-AM special series worth about $25 000.

Uebert Angel seen with his Spyder F3 CAN -AM special series worth about $25 000
Uebert Angel seen with his Spyder F3 CAN -AM special series worth about $25 000

Beverly Angel seen here with a Lamborghini sports car bought for her by her husband
Beverly Angel seen here with a Lamborghini sports car bought for her by her husband

Business Portfolio 

Angel is a former finance lecturer with two degrees in Finance from Salford University in Britain, a postgraduate in Education from Bolton University and at the time of writing, a pending Masters’ degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Edinburgh(Napier).

In 2005 he founded the Club Millionaire Limited, described by Forbes Magazine as “providing services to the cash-rich but time-poor individuals around the globe.” He is also the founder of The Millionaire Academy, a project that aims to mentor individuals on how to become successful businesspersons.

The holding company is The Angel Organisation whose main administrations are now being operated under the name The Billion Group. It has interests in several projects including a Bank, Sam Barkeley Construction, Atom Mobile and Picasso Hotels.

Generosity and charity work

In May 2013, as covered previously by Nehanda Radio, Angel surprised one of his followers on a Sunday when he handed him the keys to a brand new Range Rover Sport worth over US$100 000. The car came with personalised number plates, “PSALM 23:5”.

In 2013, Prophet Angel bought a Mercedes Benz C200 Kompressor for musician Mudiwa. The gift he said was in recognition of the rapper’s after he had an impressive musical year that saw him bagging three awards.

Alongside his wife Beverly, they are running the Adopt a School-Adopt A Child programme and aim to help at least 100 000 people by focusing on developing communities rather than individuals.

In Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia they are building houses for the elderly ‘from the ground up’ using their Sam Barkeley construction company.

In November 2015, Angel and his wife fed thousands of squatters in the city of Nakodar, India. The husband and wife team, with the help of volunteers, were seen moving around with buckets of food feeding squatters who were lined up on the road.

So, after all these figures and property being thrown around, how much rich is the Angel?

Several years ago media reports in Zimbabwe put Prophet Angel’s wealth at around $60 million which he, however, was quick to dismiss. Nehanda then, based on the value of his private homes, business properties, the value of luxury cars and the value of companies has estimated that the man of God is slightly over $40 million.

While estimating the personal wealth of individuals can never be 100 percent, they are convinced that the figures are not far off.

Source: Nehanda Radio 

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