‘Bible Scholar’ Says Chiwenga is lost, Calls him A Deceiver

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Howard Nyoni, a ‘bible scholar’ has called out Jesus Revelation Ministries leader and street fisher Apostle Thomas Chiwenga, saying he is lost, labelling him a deceiver and as someone the Bible warns believers against.

The barbs came after the apostle who is renowned for his radical Christianity and bluntness allegedly encouraged his followers to drink alcohol as an antidote to their illness in accordance with the Pauline homily in his letter to Timothy.

In a short video posted on his YouTube channel, Brother Howard as he prefers to call himself, alleges that Chiwenga during a sermon uttered that when Paul says to Timothy take wine what he says is take a little bit of alcohol.

He says Apostle Chiwenga even used the name Chateau and beer interchangeably, emphasising his following to take it for them to get a healing recipe from it.

The alleged sermon did not sit well with the critic who did not waver to show his pet peeve of what he terms a misconstruction of the Holy text in a visual.

He said:

‘I want to touch on a preacher whom at first value I thought he was bringing the true gospel, but listening to what he says and preaches based on the word of God, I hear and see that he’s a lost preacher, he’s a deceiver. He falls under the banner of men which the bible says you should be aware of….I’m talking about a man called Apostle Talent Chiwenga.’

The rest of the video follows the scholar as he reads the Bible and apparently ‘schools’ the Apostle that the word wine is used ambiguously in the bible as it has various connotations while driving the point that ‘beer is not to be consumed by Christians’.

According to his explanation, devotees should neither drink nor even barely look at alcohol, a reference he cites from Proverbs 23:31 which says:

‘Don’t look at the wine when it is red, when it sparkles in the cup, when it goes down smoothly.’

As if the preliminary jabs were not virulent enough, the visibly agitated Howard proceed to challenge Apostle Chiwenga for his self-righteous tendency and how he doesn’t believe in the rapture.

He declares:

‘Here is my message to you young man, you’re not the one who is a christian…The issue is stop deceiving people… It’s not only your cult which has people who are saved.’ 

It remains to be seen if Apostle Chiwenga is going to respond to these implications.

Do you agree with Brother Howard’s standpoint?

Check out the video below:

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