Watch: Janet Manyowa Premieres New Talk Show, Sit Down With Tembalami


Janet Manyowa: YouTube
Gospel sensation and the Zadzisa hit-maker Janet Manyowa has finally launched her much ballyhooed online talk show titled Redeemed which for the inaugural episode she sat with gospel musician Tembalami.
On the show Janet and the Tomurumbidza maker discussed a wide-range of topics, from his coming up as a member of Burning Bush, affiliation with Extra Large, acceptance in his own community as juxtaposed to abroad, collaborations, understanding of worship music to his upcoming album The Fight which is due on February the 10th.
The show which looks at how Gospel Music filters into other aspects of human life is being aired on the diva’s YouTube Vevo channel and her Facebook page.
Announced for an earlier date, January 17 to be precise, the show has eventually made its premiere this week. It runs for a little longer than half an hour with two segments, a one-on-one interview with a person of interest and a singing performance after the discussion.



In an interview, the singer said the talk show is meant to give a platform to gospel musicians and other leaders from different trades to interrogate gospel music and Christianity.

She said:

“The show is meant to give a platform to gospel musicians and other leaders from different industries to talk about gospel music and the impact it has on the lives of many. We also want to discuss more about Christianity and their faith and how gospel music then weaves into their lives, therefore, we want to bring visuals to the music.”

Manyowa also echoed this sentiment in the video.

‘We are therefore on about getting testimonies from all over the country from people who have been inspirational to you. We are here to encourage you, to inform and to uplift you,’

She said.

It is such a remarkable development to see our own Zimbabwean Gospel Artists upping their game and branching out. We are so proud of the artist Janet is becoming. She is courageous, sweet hearted, loving, caring, daring and all the things people will desire to see in the showbiz.

What she is doing is exactly what we have long yearned for from our new generation of artists- a face. When she broke on to the music scene in 2014 we could tell she was just what the country’s gospel music industry needed – a feisty singer with a soft voice and a stage presence that remains unmatched. Her vocals always exude emotion and a connection to the subject matter of her songs, Zadzisa says it all.

And as if just her music alone is not enough, she is taking it to the big screen, putting her in the same league with other revered gospel divas like the “Queen of Gospel” Rebecca Malope who has made strides in television by hosting SABC2’s It’s Gospel Time, a programme that features leading gospel musicians in interviews and live performances.

Now to the catalogue that has beautiful music add up a new talk show that she self-produces. She has gained the technological and entrepreneurial know-how that now makes her not only a leading gospel musician but also an influential stakeholder passionate about putting her contemporaries on the green-light. She is clearly poised to become a very successful artist and businesswoman.

Wonder what she will do next… maybe write a book.

Watch the show here: