The have-nots Zimbabwean Children found A Mother in the First Lady this Christmas

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First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa will this festive season donate food hampers to over four-thousand vulnerable children across the country’s ten provinces as a way of bringing relief to the children. The food hampers will be distributed to the ninety-eight registered private and Government children’s homes throughout the country.

In a statement, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Secretary Mr George Charamba said the hampers will consist of rice, maize-meal, cooking oil, soaps, teas, sanitary pads and other necessities.

He said;

 “Her Excellency the First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa, has announced that, in the spirit of bringing relief to vulnerable children, she will be donating food hampers to the 98 registered private and Government children’s homes throughout the country….The food hampers will benefit more than 4 000 children in the registered institutions which are located in the 10 provinces of the country. The hampers will contain, among other necessities, rice, mealie-meal, cooking oil, soaps, teas and sanitary pads.” 

Because of the limited days before Christmas, Mr Charamba said the Fist Lady regretted that not all the children’s homes will be able to receive their packs in time for Christmas. He, however, said Amai Mnangagwa assured the beneficiaries that the distribution exercise will continue beyond Christmas.

“The First Lady sourced the packs mainly from a benevolent charitable foundation, which has a history of caring for the vulnerable in Zimbabwe and various other countries. This foundation has worked with other First Ladies in Africa who are involved in philanthropic work,”

he said.

“The First Lady wishes to emphasize that the donation and all her philanthropic efforts will benefit all and any vulnerable children in Zimbabwe without any consideration of any political affiliations. To that end, the First Lady is appealing for more donations in cash and in kind from organisations, individuals and corporates to help her fulfill her dream of helping vulnerable children, girls and women in society.”

Mr Charamba said those interested in supporting Amai Mnangagwa’s work should contact her office through Mrs K Sibanda on (04) 706191 or mobile 077 271 900.-

This is not the first time the First Lady has proved that she’s a charitable soul. She has been involved in campaigns that look to end early childhood marriages, and currently, she’s pushing to ensure people in her constituency send their children to school.

Source: State media

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