Mudiwa Wins Big At The Zimhiphop Awards: What This Reminds Us About Christianity.


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Sensational Zimbabwean multi-awards-winning gospel Hip Hop artist Mudiwa Mtandwa who’s better known by his stage name Mudiwa Hood has emerged the biggest winner at the just ended Zim Hip Hop Awards, taking home four gongs.


Up for five well-deserved nominations, he won the Best Gospel, Best hustle, Best Dressed and Best visual with his nearly impeccable Slaying video. On the Best Gospel Category, the Ndaita Mari hit-maker bested out T1nda, Caespido, Kaygee40 and Shugeta, J Soldier and  Lil Megaz.

On the best Hip-Hop Hustle he won over the prolific Naboth Rizzla, Clyde Banks, Dj Towers, Takura and Mr Kata. This did not come as a surprise considering his long affiliations and association with big brands such as the Steward BankSterkinekor Zimbabwe4may Boutique and Ocean Collection Perfumes.

In the Best Video category his drama-catching Slaying video surpassed over fellow gospel competitor  T1nda‘s MajarakaraTakura’s Kamushekero, Poy‘s Higher, Tehn Diamond‘s No Stress and MarcquesManga Muripi.

Mudiwa is one of the most popular Christian artists because people relate to the life experiences he talks about in his songs and the way he profiles. Now what does him winning big at an awards ceremony which is often won by secularists reminds us about Christianity and winning?

One phrase: In Jesus Christ You Always Win.

If you read John 14, 15, and 16 you’ll see the Holy Spirit is in “show” business. He’s in show business because Jesus goes on and on and says how He (the Holy Spirit) will show…He will show you…He will show things. Jesus said the Holy Spirit wants to bring a demonstration of everything God has done in Christ. And He wants to show that in the earth through you and me and through the victory that belongs in our lives which He said is ours.

Jesus wants us to walk around and say “I just want to put on a show right now! Just a demonstration that Jesus Christ is Lord, Amen! Hallelujah!” When Jesus spoiled principalities and powers He stripped and dethroned them—right down to the last devil. He disarmed Satan and every kind of spirit that would be in operation against you. Jesus disarmed them, dethroned them, stripped them, and exposed them.

When Jesus roused from the dead, He had a parade through downtown eternity and demonstrated to everybody that Satan is a defeated nemesis!

Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:57 simply says that our triumph comes from what God did in Christ. Everything God did in Christ he did it for you and me; not only that but He set the credit to our account as though we did it—as if we were there. He made it our victory!

This is the result of the Holy Ghost doing his job. He’s not just the head of God’s goose-bump department. Jesus said that the Holy Ghost takes the things of Christ and show’s them to us. Do you believe that? The Holy Spirit wants to show it to you and show it through you. That is why God always causes us to triumph!