If Your Facebook or Whats App Causes You To Sin, Consider Leaving It: Pastor Musodza

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Digital Society of Zimbabwe Coordinator and Faith Ministries Connect, Pastor Christopher Musodza, last Saturday advised the public to desist from using social media if it leads them to sin before God.

The cleric made these remarks while addressing gatherers who attended Your Family and Cyber Use Seminar, an event hosted by Zimbabwean Christian Book and Gift Shop Crystal Gates in Westgate, Harare.

In his appeal the revered clergyman said;

‘I think if your Facebook or WhatsApp causes you to sin, consider leaving it.’

This he said in light of Jesus’s teaching in Matthew Chapter 5 vs 29 that reads,

‘And if your right eye causes you to offend, pluck it out, and cast it from you: for it is better for you that one of your members should perish, and not that your whole body should be cast into hell.’

He submitted that social media, inasmuch as we appreciate it, poses an unimaginable danger to our psyche, families and our relationship with God. He told parents:

‘It’s a lie to think that your teenager who’s on his/her phone in their rooms are safe…Social media is affecting the innocence of our children.’

Pastor Chris, however, maintained that the same social media that’s being misused to further frivolities can also be harnessed as a mechanism to expedite the gospel of Jesus Christ. He shared that with all these technological and communicative advancements presented by the digital arena Christians can now live the greatest commission even without visas or passports.

‘With Social media it’s now able to engage with the church. We can now live the greatest commission without visas by pushing hashtags such as #MunhuWesekunaJesu. Why can’t we break gospel news on social media? It is possible to get the gospel trend,’ he argued.

During the seminar, Pastor Chris also took time sign off his new book Does God Like That Tweet. Copies of the book are available at Shop MK23 Westgate Shopping Mall in Harare.

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