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I was born on the 9th of April, 2015. I have one mummy, one daddy, one sister and one brother. I like to dance especially if it’s on top of tables, chairs, kitchen surfaces and anything that takes climbing to reach. I like mimicking what people say and I remember everyone’s names which the adults think is very clever.

I have a condition called Fanconi anaemia which is a genetic disorder. Fanconi anaemia means that people can have birth defects that’s why my hands were closed when I was born and the doctor had to open them up. Don’t worry it didn’t hurt because I went to sleep while they were doing it. Now I can pick
up my own fork for eating chips with lots of ketchup and if you wear glasses I can try them on me all by myself. Sometimes people try to help me pick up things and I really don’t like it.

Fanconi anaemia leads to bone marrow failure. My mummy and daddy were told that I wouldn’t need to worry about a bone marrow transplant until I was six or seven which was about the time my sister had one. Then a few weeks ago I had a poorly tummy. We thought I had eaten too much yummy stuff, but we had it checked just in case. The doctor counted my blood (mummy and daddy said you can’t count blood but that showed them!) and he said it was low. This means that now even though I’m only two years old, I must have a bone marrow transplant. Mummy and daddy said we can’t do it here in Zimbabwe because it’s a very, very special thing. We have to go on a real, actual aeroplane and meet a doctor from another country and it might be a man or a woman and they will make me better again!

Everyone is asking us how we are going to get the money because you need lots and lots and lots of money to do everything very, very soon to make me better. I would give mummy and daddy my piggy bank, but I know they’ll say it’s not quite enough. They already said I shouldn’t worry and they’ve promised me that everything will be alright. Now they want to say a little something…..

“Nathan’s early diagnosis has come to us as a shock. We were unprepared for the timing in every way and we feel that no matter how much we could have worked and saved, we would not have been able to meet the cost of Nathan’s treatment. Despite all the changes that are going on with his body, Nathan is a happy boy who does all the above and many more normal everyday things. He is blissfully unaware of the implications of his diagnosis and we imagine the above is what he would say if he could adequately express himself. We have been advised that a bone marrow transplant needs to occur in the next two months. We have been advised that a bone marrow transplant needs to occur in the next two months.

Pre-procedure, we need to find a bone marrow donor and Nathan needs to go through procedure checks. The process and his recovery, all being well, will take six months. As mentioned above, none of this treatment can be carried out in Zimbabwe. We have had quotes from India (45 000USD transplant and 15 000USD donor) South Africa (100 000USD transplant and 30000USD donor).

Other costs include airfare, food and accommodation for 6 months as a family while we support our child, possibly children (one may be a matching donor). (20 000USD). We are overwhelmed with all the above and we are faced with the reality that our little boy’s body may not allow him to be with us much longer if doesn’t get the help he needs. Please don’t let Nathan’s story end here. We would be grateful for your support through prayers and financial assistance. Please also share Nathan’s story. Find details below for donations”

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Check out their facebook page Natasha and Nathan Sanyanga – Zimbabwe.

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