Dr Shingi Munyeza Leaves The Clergy For Politics

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Renowned business mogul, public speaker and now former senior pastor of Faith Ministries, Dr Shingi Munyeza, has taken to Twitter to clarify why he is leaving the pastoral office. Responding to a local weekly publication that established that he was relinquishing the post to pursue political endeavors the Dr wrote :

Munyeza stepped down last week and Percy Kadziyanike has already assumed the position.

Speculation around the doc’s stepping down has revealed that there has been a lot of contentions surrounding this issue. It was reported that he has for long resisted ceding the senior pastoral office as church elders tried pushing him out over his business interests in selling alcohol.

Shingi runs upscale restaurants scattered around Harare, and the popular one is located in the Avenues area and it’s alleged that it operates like a nightclub, particularly during the weekends.

As of late Shingi has registered himself as an astute and avid political observer with his“The Watchman” series.  For months he has been running a campaign on social media dubbed “The Christian Vote Must Decide” carrying along hashtags such as #TOITASEI  #SENZENJANI  #WHATNEXT and the “The Zimbabwe we want”.

Out-rightly, the businessman has declared that he is fearless and would speak truth to power, and some of his post on his social media platforms has been termed  ‘inflammatory’. Among others, Some of his controversial statements include “10-Point Plan to Run Zimbabwe Limited” and “What I would have done with the US$200 million facility”.

It’s not yet clear whether he is now rooting for a political office, but one does not have to dabble long with the gods at least to tell that whatever he is after is big and will be a position of great influence.



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