President Mugabe Is An Anointed Leader: Dr Grace Mugabe

Image Credit: Newsday

The First Lady of Zimbabwe Dr Grace Mugabe has said that her husband President Robert Mugabe is an anointed leader.


Addressing a stadium full of indigenous Apostolic and Zion sects at the Super Sunday interface rally held at Rufaro in Mbare the doctor  said :

‘President Mugabe, he’s an anointed leader. The one who doesn’t understand this is fighting him. An anointed leader will never be ousted by mere human being. No matter what you do, because some are invoking apostolic prophets, not to pray for the absolution of their sins but to inquire how they can boot out Mugabe…He was chosen by God , you can even tell that by the wisdom that he posses.’

The visibly agitated Grace went on to say that his wisdom and integrity even intimidated fellow head of states, the likes of Tony Blair who reportedly ran away from him at an incident that happened in Rome.

The rally was thronged by various members of the Apostolic and Zion from across the country and five hundred and thirty-one denominations were represented. For reasons best known by the organizers, members of the indigenous evangelical and Pentecostal community were not welcome.

Speaking on behalf of all sects the ACCZ President, Bishop Johannes Ndanga who was donning an apparel with the national flag colors  said :

“There are issues that we as churches want. We do not want to be under the Traditional Medical Council of traditional healers. We do not want. We want free stands as churches. churches should not be dispersed from their holy shrines unnecessarily…Lastly we want our apostolic leaders to have power to preside over marriages.’ 

Addressing the church stands grievance, Grace urges apostolic sects to unite into bigger dominating denominations in recognition of their role in the development of the country and organize themselves so that they are not represented as small minority groups. That way, according to her, it will be easy for the government to help them. She requested the congregants to pray for their leadership, President Mugabe in particular.

She also advised them that they may improve themselves in the field of sanitation. She postulated that women unequivocally makes the largest number of most congregants and by their biological nature they require things like clean water and toilets everywhere they go.

The first lady pledged 1000 tonnes of rice to the congregants in an early Christmas Box gesture, saying that they were supposed to share its among them properly.

She closed her stump speech by acknowledging how she appreciates local musicians and Minister Mahendere in particular. She said she knows and enjoys all his songs from his last album, except that she could not recite lyrics from them.