Minister Barry Raises The Standard Of Acoustic Gospel Music With ‘Claimed Phrases’

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Award-winning Ghanaian gospel musician Alan Barry Neequaye prominently known as Minister Barry has released his sophomore album entitled Claimed Phrases.  The nine-track project comes under the Glory House Records imprint and was executively produced by Reynolds the Gentleman.

A collection of prayerful and uncomplicated ballads of worship, it comes fully loaded with a combination of songs that range from emotionally uplifting to spiritually exhilarating. Well armed and shooting for the heart, you will feel the Spirit of God drawing you into an atmosphere of praise and worship as you listen to it. (I Adore You, Amazing and Addicted To You.)

Minister Barry Raises The Standard Of Acoustic Gospel Music With 'Claimed Phrases'Each song provides a message that is sure to encourage everyone as well as give them strength to take along the Christian journey.

Won’t Let You, convinces the listeners that when we come to the end of ourselves, and when we can deal with our own problems no further, that we must trust and lean on God, because unlike men, it’s not His tendency to let his people fall and fail.

The spoken-word delivered Do You Remember finds Barry reasoning about how he will never argue with people, let alone his true friend about if ever God exists or not. His advise is look around you and see if he is not real. In fact, according to him he is not just real, ‘he is beyond real.’

Oseye is sung in his native language and it shows how music can transcend any language barrier. While we can hardly pick any familiar words, we can still flow in in the spirit.

Wait On His Glory and Holy Spirit Fall  featuring Gladys Ainoo sound like continuations of each other as they all talk about the Holy Spirit. As each of the songs play, your heart will overflow with worship.

With its measured pace and simple arrangement Claimed Phrases is a quite an album  that’s certain to resonate on the global frontier. There is a perpetual premeditated sound that’s presence on every track and we can safely say that Barry together with his band Kingdom Vessels are raising aloft the standards of acoustic gospel in Africa.

Overall, it is a smooth flowing, easy listening album that is filled with a genuine emotion. It is genuine because when Barry sings you can actually feel the words penetrating your heart. His songwriting is amazing and his voice is soft, yet powerful. His crooning is polished and very touching,  and beneath it lies a fair share of ultra-sincerity that’s sure to captivate and hold the attention of every listener, whether saint or not.

All we can say is Minister is well on his way to becoming a prominent personality in Gospel Music with his God-granted talent and national exposure, he could quite possibly become a legend in his own time.

Claimed Phrases Album is available for free download here.

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