While We Were Sinners…

Image Credit: Life, Hope & Truth

But God demonstrated his own love for us in this ; while we were still sinners ,Christ died for us’ Romans 5:8


When someone loves somebody, they make sure that they do anything in their capacity to prove to them that they do, even if it means doing the undesirable.

God Almighty, in this case, the case of which to reconcile mankind to Him, gave his only begotten son Jesus Christ as an atonement. Then there arises the thought of how transcendent and unparalleled a love is this which pours its whole preciousness onto unworthy, and more disappointingly, unresponsive hearts.

What riddles the most is why would He do such a ‘cold’ act, a thing which appears very difficult in the eyes of humanity. Was He so desperate of men’s loyalty or did he somehow feel bad for ever creating a man who is led by his relentlessness debauchery and unbecoming heart?

All these and any other arguments do sound absurd considering the fact that He is man’s maker. Logical thinking can attest that He could have done it any other way, like maybe pushing man to a point of submission, He has all the power, remember. History has it that at some point he decimated the whole generation with flood and only spared one obedient family when the majority refused to listen. Another case also shows that he burnt a whole city with a mysterious inferno when man, His creation had once again gotten out of hand. So, now what happened to this harsh ruling of the God of hosts?

The crux is, when man sinned before God we did not only became degenerates in His Holy eyes. We also became his villains, a non-redeemable, a very disadvantageous position to men. Such we were by nature, polluted,  guilty and operating under the dominion of sin and death.

And it was at this juncture that He reaches out to men. How did he do that? By sacrificing his only son; an inseparable part of him, bearing in mind that Christ was God himself.  Not because he was guilty of anything or desperate, but because he cares and loves humanity unconditionally. He could have just died for the saints, but he chose the lost, filthy, disobedient and thorns in his flesh…no love comes without a price.

It is important for Christians to understand that God gave us a pound of his flesh, if not all, just to reconcile with us. Now it’s our duty as well to give up our lives for him in worship and servitude.