Sunday Grace: Wearing Esau’s Grace

Daily Devotion with Pastor Ray

Sunday Grace: Wearing Esau's Grace



Jacob did not qualify to receive the portion of the Father’s blessing that was reserved for the first-born, but through the unfairness of Grace when we stand before God, He does not see us, but He sees the Jesus in us.

As the Bible declares, that it may be done on earth as it is in heaven; God has instituted a divine system on earth, that a man may go in the grace of another.

Food for thought: In MY NAME they shall cast out devils…Jacob did not qualify to stand before Isaac, but my Bible tells me that his mother took Esau’s clothes and placed them on Jacob, and put the skins of the Kid and goat she had prepared on his arms and neck, all in an effort to replicate the scent and hairy skin of Isaac…

This Sunday morning I declare over your life as I stand under the grace of the Apostolic, that you will replicate the anointing you wear!